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Preventing Acne Breakouts This Filipino Summer

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

There's a wealth of reasons to love summer. For students and anyone around that age, summer stands for vacation above all else. Summer is a seasonal problem waiting for seasonal solutions: from swimming trips to cold drinks. Likewise, there are plenty of reasons to loathe summer. For students and anyone around that age, summer brings heat, heat brings sweat, and sweat brings pimples.

Pool water won't wash that acne away, but here are some things you can do that will:

1. Keep away from the sun. Stay near water.

Aside from the harmful UV rays that will bombard you until the rainy season begins, direct sun exposure will irritate and inflame your skin faster compared to any other time of the year. If you absolutely have to go at high noon, apply sunblock with an SPF of 15-45 (the logical range). Despite the enemy being summer acne, walking out with a face frosted with white sunblock creates all sorts of problems. Find a transparent solution, preferably one with zinc oxide, for extra acne-fighting capability.

Also, comedogenic or oily lotions risk clogging your pores, so steer clear of this. Finally, drink more water than you think you need. Proper hydration usually works that way, especially during summer.

2. Use A Facial Cleanser

Drop that soap, it doesn't help prevent pimples. Adopt an anti-acne product, like a facial deep cleanser. Many of these facial deep cleansers have special ingredients that help remove dirt and impurities locked deep under your skin surface. With the removal of all these bacteria, you are removing the conditions that bring about pimples. From what we know, facial deep cleansers are really your best bet at getting rid of pimples.

3. Wipe off sweat. Lightly.

Sweating profusely during summer is to be expected, especially if you're spending your days playing basketball with your barkada or smashing a volleyball with some beach girls. Nonetheless you must never let those lost fluids linger on your skin longer than they have to. Wipe or pat them off as soon as you can using a clean, absorbent towel. Use disposable wipes if possible, since used cloth turns into a bacterial breeding ground at a fast rate. Keep the wiping light, so as not to disrupt your face's production of essential oils.

4. Dress properly. Fashion optional.

People who work out are at greater risk of acne breakouts during summer. These same people should also know that attire matters a lot when it comes to managing sweat. Though there is no way to shield a person's face from heat and pollution, clothes for the rest of your body still need to maintain a balance of comfort, coolness, and coverage. This is all the more crucial if you are suffering from back acne, as sweat tends to remain in contact with the skin as a person's clothes absorb it.

5. Eat properly. Avoid sweet and starchy.

This is true year-round, but adding a discipline-driven diet to your anti-acne regimen can ensure that your face will remain clear by the time the rainy season hits. Eating sweet foods and beverages is also a leading cause of acne; a cruel truth since summer is all about cold treats. If you feel that you can endure the summer heat without digging into that tub of ice cream or bowl of halo-halo, then you will have acne-free skin as a reward. The same advice goes for starchy foods such as rice and bread. For many people, the thought would come across as absurd, but if you can reduce or remove consumption of sweet and starchy foods, the chances of an acne breakout will lessen dramatically.

The use of anti-acne products and adopting these good habits will help you overcome summer acne. Adjusting your habits for a better look every year may seem like a chore, and it is. The best way to avoid acne during summer is by making acne prevention a habit throughout the year.

Looking after yourself regardless of the season is the best seasonal advice any beauty write-up can provide, so let summer bring joy instead of pimples.