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Your Spending Decisions on Skin Care

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

For most of us, shopping for skin care products always proves to be a huge task. Choosing a simple facial wash, for instance, can be as difficult as choosing a gift for your girl. Add to that the fact that a bottle of cleanser or a complete "gwapo pack" can sometimes cost a fortune.

The truth is, skin care is an expensive investment. Brands that claim to be affordable may still have a price tag that may shock you; they may make you think to just save up the skin care budget for your next pair of kicks.


Fortunately, you can still come up with a decent skin care regimen even if you're budget is divided between your girlfriend, your Friday night escapades, and weekend wandering. The keys to it are finding out exactly what your skin needs and knowing when to spend.

Your Skin Type

Most of us make the mistake of buying products that are not suited for our skin. With this, we often end up throwing away the product, thinking it doesn't work.

The first thing you need to do is know your skin type and its needs. Doing so will help you determine which skin care products will work for you. This will keep you from the perils of wasting money, which you could have otherwise saved up for a new pair of shoes or the latest game in the Halo or Metal Gear franchise.

If you have oily skin, use products that will help you regulate oil production. Choose a cleansing product that doesn't remove your skin's natural oil. Go for oil-free moisturizer with components that can easily knock out breakouts, such as salicylic acid.  If you have dry skin, stay away from soaps. Remember, soaps are only for your limbs and body parts where the sun doesn't shine. Yes, they can clean your skin, but they can strip it of natural oils. This is the reason they're not ideal for your face.  

Knowing When to Spend

Knowing when to spend on skin care products depends on how frequent you will use these or how serious your case is. One thing to remember at this point is cut down your expenditures when it comes to items that you are likely to use every day.

Save on sunblock cream, for instance. Do not always aim for a pricier sunscreen; using an expensive one every day will surely create a dent on your budget. But if you're a weekend warrior who regularly takes part in rigorous activities, such as biking, hiking or camping, stretch your wallet a bit and choose a sunscreen with higher formulations.

If your dermatologist tells you that your skin moisture level is normal, it will make sense to save on moisturizers. The same principle applies to cleansers and toners.

Do not hesitate to shell out money if your face (and self-esteem) is already suffering from persistent pimples. Sometimes, the condition of your skin tells a lot about what's going on inside your body.  If your dermatologist recommends undergoing a procedure or using a treatment kit, do as they say. To keep your face pimple-free, be clean and modify some aspects of your lifestyle.

If you find buying skin care products individually quite confusing, go for products that you can use for different purposes (e.g., cleanser and moisturizer in one). Skin care doesn't always have to be pricey. You just need to know which one to invest in.