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You Look Drunk: 5 Ways Alcohol Messes Up Your Looks

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Drinking is cool and it makes you feel like you're one of the big boys. While it looks fine-healthy, even-to raise a glass every now and then, drinking too much definitely takes a toll on your body-and your looks.

Drinking too much destroys your liver, kidneys, and pancreas. It dehydrates your skin, destroys your brain cells, and shrinks your brain. It eats away the lining of your stomach; it weakens your eyesight, and causes diabetes, impotence, and obesity. If that isn't enough, those things do not even cover what it does to the outside.

Let's find out how drinking too much can really wreak havoc on your looks. Game? Put down that glass and get cracking.


Beer Belly
Years of too many beers can morph your six-pack abs (if you have them) into a keg. A "beer belly", as most people call it, is one of the most obvious and frightening results of drinking too much. The average bottle of beer has 150 calories; and if you chug down 4 bottles, what do you get? You get 600 calories, a big bulk of belly fat, and some judging stares from women.

It's more than just a turnoff, too-having a beer belly can increase your risk for heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and high blood.

Dry Skin and Wrinkles
Alcohol steals hydration and leaves dryness and redness on your skin. If your skin is dry, it's much more likely to wrinkle-and it will make you look years older. It steals away your body's Vitamin A, too, which is an important part of cell renewal. The effect? Your face and the rest of your body take on a dull gray appearance.

Hair Loss
Too much drinking can even lead to most men's biggest problem: hair loss. In the same way alcohol dries up your skin, it dehydrates your hair, too, making it more prone to split ends and breakage.

Too much alcohol can also trigger a zinc deficiency in your body, which research shows can cause hair loss.

You might think that stress, lack of sleep, and your lack of skin care efforts are the ones causing you breakouts, but drinking is actually one of the main culprits of acne. Surprised? Don't worry, you're not alone. Most men don't know it, too.

Alcohol reduces the power of your immune system to get rid of acne-causing bacteria in your body. Sugar in some drinks, like beer, can lead to inflammation and acne breakouts as well.

The takeaway: too much alcohol can seriously affect your appearance. More importantly, it affects your overall health.

Don't assume this doesn't apply to you. Even if you only have a few drinks with your officemates every Friday, you should take note of how alcohol may be affecting your looks.