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Women Share What Makes a Guy Gwapo in Their Books

by Women Team
13 Sep 2019 | 9:23 PM

What does it mean to be gwapo? Some would equate it to looks, the outfit, even the scent, or how accomplished a guy is in life. Others would say it's a guy's personality that shines brighter. So which weighs more? We asked several women on what makes a guy gwapo and here are their answers!

"Aside from being physically attractive, having a good personality is what makes a guy gwapo-I like it when he knows how to handle tough situations, when he is sure of himself, and when he's fun to be around. Basically, good character + personality over physical attributes." -Sharlene, 22

"A smart guy is gwapo. It's not about IQ; for me it's about having lots of brilliant ideas and the ability to engage in silly and serious conversations. Plus points if he's taller than me, looks fresh all the time, and can carry a button-down well." - MM, 27

"For me, what makes a guy gwapo is his thoughtfulness towards others. He can be charming yet insincere about it, but if he shows how much he cares about others through his actions, that is an absolute turn-on." - Salve, 23

"Someone with a good sense of humor and could carry himself with confidence is gwapo. I also like a guy who has a beautiful smile and a well-toned physique!" - Yas, 27

"A guy is gwapo for me if he has good posture and lifts regularly to get bulked, not ripped. I like guys who act and look tough and confident, but not too much. Regarding looks, I prefer guys who have lots of facial hair, but not very long." - Inna, 22

"What makes a guy gwapo for me is when they look so clean and mabango! I also like it when he's smart. The face can only go so far, but if a guy can actually carry a decent conversation besides how he got his abs, that's a winner. He becomes more gwapo." - Geli, 27

"Leadership and thoughtfulness. A guy who can lead wisely can lead a relationship wisely. With this, I am confident that he knows what to do and when to take a stand in difficult times. Thoughtfulness is another thing because who wouldn't like a guy who makes you his priority?" - Sofia, 25

"Swabe, mabango, ma-panga! Plus points if he's wearing a white shirt and has a good sense of humor!" - Prei, 22

"A guy is gwapo for me if he is compassionate towards others. I also like it if he's respectful and and witty. Additional points if he has a swoon-worthy singing voice!"  - Camille, 27

With all these answers, it's safe to say that women are attracted to both looks and personality. Appearances matter, but not to the point of superficiality-it's all about being presentable! Take care of your skin and body. For your face, adopt a skincare regimen by using a facial wash that eliminates, oil, dirt, and other skin impurities to prevent pimple breakouts. Make sure to eat well and exercise to maintain your physique. Personality-wise, read up on current events, be more sociable, smile more, and show kindness to others. You might not be aware of it, but it's actually the little things that melt more hearts than you could ever imagine.           

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