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Which Thor dude are you?

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Read on, and find out which Thor dude you're most like and see how you may possibly learn to woo the ladies from these men. We've tried to keep this spoiler-free in case you haven't seen the movie yet, but there might be some minor spoilers.

You've been warned.


Are you the typical savior of damsels in distress? Then you just might be the type of man who's like the heir to Asgard's throne! Strong and fearless, Thor is the ultimate guy's guy but a romantic at heart who will defy tradition and the All-Father himself to go out with the girl he loves. Plus since he can fly, you can travel all over the world (all the Nine Worlds, in fact) and help her cross off those romantic places in her bucket list faster than you can say, "Odin's Beard". And when you tell a lady you'll come back for her for your second date, she'll know you'll keep your promise – even if you're a couple of years late.


Not really a hunk? Maybe you're the smart type! Like Loki, you're likely the type who'll always have time for your woman because you don't spend them all on hitting the gym. Then again, you might get wrapped up plotting to take over the throne of Asgard and/or the whole world, but hey, no one's perfect, right? You're probably the sensitive type who'll love intellectual discussions with a girl, and can literally be anyone a woman may want you to be since you can assume different forms. Of course, unlike Loki, though, restrain your urge to betray your girl to keep her!


You're the mature one in a group. Regal and full of worldly wisdom, like the All-Father and King of Asgard, you've gone far beyond most in your stage, achieving the pinnacle of success and commanding a lot of respect. With the affairs of state and your legacy worrying you all the time, though, you might get too distracted, making it a challenge to make a real connection with women. Don't let this get in your way.


Are you the dark and brooding type? Then you just might be the real world's Malekith, the ruler of the Dark Elves! Talk about a man on a mission – this is someone who will sacrifice anything to achieve his goals and restore the glory of his people. Choose to be him if you want a bad boy role model, but don't want to be someone whiny like Loki. Be warned, though: women don't typically like men who carry a grudge so just make sure you're only a "bad boy" in looks, not in love.

Dr. Erik Selvig

So you're neither a god nor a dark elf? There's no shame in being an ordinary human. Show them that mortals rule! Of course, this ordinary human also happens to be a brilliant scientist and all-around McGyver. A fatherly figure, Dr. Erik Selvig is the type that offers a shoulder the ladies can cry on and can be very protective of the people he loves. Just don't forget to keep the streaking private.

So there you go: five Thor dudes like you! Not happy with any of them? Tell us which Thor type you are. And if you haven't seen "Thor: The Dark World" yet, do yourself a favor and watch the movie soon!