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Which Body Spray Fragrance Suits Your Work?

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

We each spend most of our days at our jobs, toiling and slogging just to earn enough to feed ourselves. Consequentially, we go through a wide range of situations and emotions at work: Stress, joy, exhaustion, relief, power, etc.

You don't exactly think much of body spray other than something you put on yourself to smell good. But putting on the right body spray can really accentuate and bring out the best in you at work, depending on the situation in the office!

How is this possible? It's all in the nose, bros.

The Power of Your Schnoz

So what does your sense of smell have to do with smell relieving stress? Well, it's a little known fact that some scents can actually help us feel more relaxed and even energized. It's the reason why taking a whiff of delicious smelling food often gives us the energy to eat more, even when we're already full. Our sense of smell is so powerful and highly connected to our brain that it can jumpstart our body.

Citrus and Fruity Scents - For Those Stressful Days

Most of us prefer subtle and nuanced smells instead of strong scents, such as citrus, fruity, and floral tones, because of their ability to calm and relax, perfect for those long, dreary, stressful days. If you know you're doing the midnight shift tonight, or if there's a full-day meeting up ahead, go ahead and spray on some citrus and fruity scents, to help you exude overwhelming calm and tranquility to those around you.

Chocolate Scents - When You're Pursuing an Office Romance

Everyone knows that eating chocolate is usually enough to put us in a good mood, and it's the same when we have a whiff of it. The scent of Chocolate is a mood booster, an aphrodisiac that allows the romance in you to flow out like a Casanova. If you are looking to talk-up that beautiful female colleague sitting across the office, or need that perfect confident-boosting scent to help you pluck up courage to make the first move, look no further than a chocolate-scented body spray.  It's relatively easy to find chocolate-scented body sprays these days due to its popularity.

Watery Scents - When You Want To Blend In

Watery scents, particularly fresh cut grass scents or fruit-based scents are the quintessential subtle and nuanced fragrance. There are those days when you wake up feeling so lazy and have zero motivation to get any work done. Watery scents are perfect for those days to help you blend in and not stand out. Your boss won't notice you, colleagues won't notice you, and naturally work won't come to you. Generally, body sprays and fragrances that have 'watery scents' have very little ingredients and other scents combined to the mixture. Body sprays with leafy green ingredients, apple and other fruit extracts are good examples of watery scents to look out for.

Earthy Scents - Just Before That Crucial Presentation

Earthy tones, such as Vanilla and Sandalwood have a calming effect that can really help with relaxing. Just taking a whiff of it is often enough to calm your nerves. So spray these scents on the morning before an important presentation. Allow it relieve your anxiety and help you exude control and clarity in the delivery of your presentation. Vanilla is also considered an aphrodisiac, so using body spray with even small traces of is a great way to stay attractive and calm at the same time.

Musky Scents - When You're the Boss

Musk is the quintessential man's smell. We naturally have our own musk, but the concentrated form that's a staple for almost all men's fragrance is more potent. It's essentially male pheromones, and communicates absolute power, dominance and confidence. So if you're the boss (or you want to be like one), spray this scent on and gain the respect you deserve.   

Sourcing your Smells

The list above may intimidate you a bit when it comes to actually finding body sprays and fragrances that have these scents. You'll be surprised, though, that most of the popular body sprays that you'll find in the malls or convenience centers already incorporate two or more of the above scents as part of a whole fragrance.
So if you want to amplify your work situation, consider packing some extra body spray or fragrance to help you get through the day. Take some time to look at the body spray's ingredients the next time you go out buying your brossentials. When it comes to making your work day more interesting, a simple whiff of a good scent is often enough to change everything.