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When Frugal Meets Fashion: How to Dress For Less

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

There's a big myth floating around out there that staying fashionable requires money-and lots of it. Admit it, when you think about suits and leather shoes, you instantly see a big, red flag and your savings dropping to zero almost immediately. With more brands setting up shop in the Philippines-think Uniqlo, H&M, F&F by Tesco, and more-putting together a decent outfit has never been so daunting... and draining on the pocket.

The truth, though, is you don't need to break the bank just to look good. It’s easy to look good and save money at the same time! Here's where-and how-to find cheap, good stuff that will make you stay in style while sticking to your budget.

Ukay is the best source of cheap outfits, so take the advice of Macklemore and go thrift shopping. Ukay-ukay stores are everywhere. Try Raberly, the one along North Edsa. You'll find a wide array of cheap goods there-from pre-owned designer sneakers to cool leather bike jackets. If you want to explore outside Manila, though, the best place is Baguio City. Check out Mines View Park and Bayanihan in Burnham Park.

It helps if you already have an idea of what you want to buy before going to the store. As some of you already know, it takes some work (and patience) to find the best pieces among the racks (and sometimes heaps) of old coats and suits.

Empty Your Closets
You'll be surprised at the number of items sitting in your closet that haven't seen action in months, or years, even. That sweatshirt from last Christmas you never really liked at the time? Try it on. Fashion tastes change. While that sweatshirt may have been unappealing last season, it may be the thing that's trendy today.

Spend a weekend sorting through the clothes you already have in an effort to spot something nice. Keep those you like and give items you no longer want to charity or arrange a garage sale.

Hand-me-Downs Work, Too
This is probably the cheapest option of all. Convince your family and friends to go through their closets as well. Bring all the stuff together and then exchange items if you find something you like. The deal here is to go for the best-dressed and older men in your family or circle of friends. Your tito and lolo surely have some sharp items and leather shoes they would be willing to give. It takes just a little convincing to get your hands on those clothes, so make sure to put a lot of thought on your speech.

Staying in style does not need to burn a hole through your pockets. With these tips, you'll sure look your best, pogi self without bleeding money.