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When Dating's a Tall Order: How to Measure Up to a Tall Girl

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

If you ever made fun of the tall girls back in grade school (remember the 'damulag', 'higante', and other names?), the joke's probably on you now. Those tall, lean ladies you once made fun of are all grown up and more beautiful than you remember. Thing is, if you're literally looking up to them, then there might be a problem at hand.

There's something about the girl being the taller one in the relationship that just seems a little bit off for many people. When it comes to science, they say a girl's brain is hardwired to look for taller partners. In the eyes of society, meanwhile, this notion of the guy needing to be the taller one has something to do with the feeling that men need to be protective and keep women protected. Also, kissing someone too tall or short out in public can get a bit awkward and elicit a few stares.


So you're into a girl who's a few inches taller than you. No biggie. Here are a few tips on how to measure up and be chill about the height problem with as little awkwardness as possible.

Don't Point it Out
First off, your girl already knows she's taller than you. Cheesy lines like "Wow, you're tall," or "Do you play volleyball or basketball?" will not win her over.

Just stay cool and don't make a big deal of the glaring difference in height. Don't tell her she's tall, don't stare at her for being tall, and don't make a self-deprecating joke about your height (or lack of it). She doesn't care about it, so why should you?

Play it Cool
So what if you've never gone out with a taller woman before? You'll be a little intimidated, but don't be. When dating a taller woman, know that she is fine with the fact that she's more vertically gifted than you (she wouldn't be going out with you if she wasn't). Let it be fine for you, too.
A woman will like you for the kind of man you are, not how tall you are. Be the man you really are, and if things go well, she just might fall for you.

Don't Try Making Yourself Taller
Even if you managed to tame your tongue by not saying anything about her height, you can still turn her off with a few sneaky, height-boosting tricks. Standing in front of her on the escalator, tiptoeing beside her when taking a photo, buying height-booster shoes-she'll see right through your tactics.

Treat Her Like a Princess
Just because she's taller doesn't mean she's any less womanly.  While you may not be able to literally sweep her off her feet, you can still do other things to show your romantic, gentleman side.

Hold her hand while walking, put your arm around her waist, and help her step out of a car. Remember that you can still be the big spoon in your relationship.

Appreciate the Little Things (or the Tall Ones)
While you don't want to point out the glaring height difference between the two of you, learn to appreciate it. No pun intended, but the little things really count. Don't just get used to her height; embrace it.

Remember that just because a girl is vertically-gifted doesn't mean you can't win her over. You still have to try-reach for your dreams, as they say. You just have to measure up and adjust accordingly.