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What You, Ladies, Need to Know About Us Men

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Yes, men also get fed up with what most women think about us. We are being hailed as dominant species, but the world can also be a little unfair to us. Male psyche can be as complicated as women's, and it pays that you ladies know some things about us. We're not being demanding here; we're appealing for your profound understanding. We sometimes suffer from certain inequalities and wrong impressions. Here's a rundown of things we wish women knew about us.

Compliments Are Essential, Too

Women often resort into thinking that real men don't need praise. Yeah, some men don't, especially if it has something to do with feminine qualities, like long eyelashes and beardless face. We also crave for praises, which is why we try hard to learn how to look awesome. Of course, these compliments don't need to be purely physical. You can complement us if you think our adobo is well cooked or if you like how we take care of our kids.

Being Stuck in Social Conventions Can be Painful

Being the initiator of some things, like dating, can be unfair. Another thing that makes us feel like the world is unfair is when you keep on insisting that we go shopping with you. It's alright to hit the malls with you, but make sure you've made up your mind about the things you want to buy so we don't have to endure long walks around the mall. 

We Aren't Immune to Any Type of Pain

Men have no absolute shield from any pain, be it physical or emotional. If you're trying to look cute by pinching us, you only end up annoying. Don't mock us if the team we're rooting for loses. We need space when that happens. When it comes to arguments, hearing rude comments can make us walk out, and feel like losers. Our ego is delicate. Yes, we cry, too. But we find it unnecessary to show our tears.

We Can't Read Minds

We have gained an impression that we are not sensitive and nonchalant about what others feel or need. Men are smart, but our ability to read between the lines is not as advanced as yours. You can't always expect us to know what you need or want. You need to tell us what they are so we can help you out. And please, don't sugarcoat your words if you're requesting for something. It will only make things a lot more ambiguous.

We Want to Receive Good Gifts, Too

Just do away with mall gift certificates. You know that we feel lost when we walk around the mall alone. And please don't assume that all men want DVDs, game-related stuff, or anything naughty as gifts. Some of us want a cookbook, a concert ticket, or any simple item that will make our life easier.

We Don't Think of Sex All the Time

Men think about sex all the time? "A lot" can be a more fitting phrase, but "all the time?" We know there are things that are more important than this. We do think about our careers; we think of our insecurities, and we think about our families. And most of all we think about how to please you. Or make you stay.

Men's life isn't all about BEER, SPORTS, and GIRLS. We also tend to overthink. But the essence of this whole thing is to help you, ladies, do away with the thinking that all men are purely straightforward and simple.