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What Do Girls Look Forward to in a First Date?

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

So you're about to take this girl out on a first date. We can't blame you if you're nervous or clueless-after all, every date is different. For one, there's so much to think about. Is the girl adventurous or old-fashioned? Does she have allergies? Would she find me interesting? How should I act? Thankfully, you have this guide to refer to come date-planning time. We asked several women about their idea of a first date and what they look forward to in your encounter. Read on and good luck!

"You can tell a lot about a guy by the first date conversation. I like it when he takes the initiative to move the conversation forward. I mean, I interview people for a living so it's nice when there's a back and forth."

Dyan, 28

"I expect the guy to wear something nice, smell nice, plan something for the day, and pay for the bill (just for the first date, put down your torches!). But it doesn't have to be in an expensive restaurant or a carefully detailed day trip. At the end of the day, what matters is that we both find out if we click and could go on a second date. I'll really appreciate it if he would just take the effort to prepare and be a little nervous for the day, just like I think I would and be."

Katy, 22

"In principle kasi, ang expectation dapat is just to enjoy the company of your date and to know more about him. Pero siyempre, sa first date, ang daming expectations. Para kang nasa job interview!"

Nina, 31

"First date? I expect him to pick me up at home, take me to a really nice restaurant, aaaaaaand foot the bill. I know it's a bit sexist, pero I'm old-fashioned that way. Haha!"

Alysse, 26

"Besides seeing how a guy would clean up and prepare for our first date, I look forward to really knowing his character. That's why rather than simply seeing a movie and having dinner, I prefer something more adventurous to see how he would react to certain situations."

Sharlene, 22

"This might be an unpopular opinion, but as much as possible, I don't want a guy to try hard to put his best foot forward on the first date that it makes him look like he's already faking his character. I want to feel the authenticity of his personality as I get to know him. As cliche as this may sound, I just want him to be himself."

Jeng, 21

"I'm not big on dates, but when I do go out, I actually look forward to conversations. May it be over dinner discussing the movie we've just watched or over a cup of coffee talking about how our day was. So I guess I expect the guy to be comfortable enough with his own thoughts and wouldn't mind throwing some of his ideas my way. Oh, plenty of eye contact and a good night kiss wouldn't hurt too, especially if even before finishing off your coffee, you already know there's going to be date #2."

Joys, 30

"First dates are always fun and full of surprises. I especially love it when my date can carry a good conversation. It's also a plus if he's spontaneous and game with anything."

Prei, 22

"Three things: communication, eye contact, surprise. First dates can be super awkward but if our conversation becomes comfortable and casual before the date ends, I'll take it as a sign that we've hit it off. Eye contact is a huge factor, too-a good sign that he's interested, or respectful at the very least. Dinner on a first date is typical but plus pogi points if he can come up with something unique and unexpected."

Joy, 28

"I think getting to know the guy more is what I really look forward to in a first date. I'd like to observe and know how he is as a person. Does he treat the waiters well? Does he throw his trash in the proper area? Is he caring about his family? Little things like that already show if we'll get along, or if we share the same values. I don't mind if the first date is somewhere fancy or kahit sa mall lang."

Trina, 23

"When I'm going on a first date with a guy, I usually just hope that we get along and that he has something fun planned. 'Yung more than just the usual movie and/or dinner at a restaurant setup. And I expect him to be well-mannered and dressed appropriately."

Ramona, 3