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Wearing Scents Like a Suit: Do It Properly or Don't Do It at All

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

It's sad to say, but the vast majority of men don't know how to use fragrances properly. Many only know how to lay on it thick, but most times, they waste what they spray. They only smell "good" for a time, and end up having to reapply the scent a couple of times throughout the day-something that, to be frank, is quite stupid.

Fragrances are a man's invisible style, and while many people really don't give a damn if you wear a scent or not, they care when it's there. Do it right, and you will add class and mystique to your presence. Do it wrong, and you might as well be a foul-smelling, foul-tasting food: no one wants you and it would be better if you just stay in one place. What's baffling is that proper application is not like an advanced Calculus class; it's actually very easy.


First Things First

There is no rulebook as to what fragrance you should use. There are many kinds, and you'd be remiss to think that the expensive ones are your only choice. Let's admit it, wearing pricy scents make you proud, but you're only supposed to wear them on special occasions. Unless you can drop four large on a decent-sized luxury cologne every time you run out, you have to love your low-cost choices.

Besides, you can find a gem among them. A lot of them are strong on the nose, too, so you really have to learn how to use them sparingly and effectively. Whether you're a body spray, single spritz or a slap-it-on cologne kind of guy, put it on properly or don't use it at all.

It wouldn't be wise, however, to leave you on your own. This article is supposed to help you figure out how to do it properly, after all. So, here are the fundamentals of wearing scents and, in most cases, the only things you have to know:

1. Keep It Light

Whether your goal is to impress your female colleagues or just like being a sharply dressed man, apply only the right amount of fragrance. You can even decrease it a little bit, if you're wearing something particularly strong. This way, you won't offend anyone with your presence and it will wrap you like another layer of pleasantly smelling clothing.

2. Know Your Scent

People judge what fragrance you wear by how you wear it. It doesn't matter if it's a regular body spray, an opulent parfum or a mysterious eau de toilette, use it right and no one will care. Actually, use it right and you'll become quite the attraction. But, the first step in the proper use of fragrances is knowing the scents first. In this piece, you will find the most basic of explanations of the different types of scents. Consider it a guideline rather than a strict set of rules.

3. Always Shower Before Spraying

When it comes to fragrances, nothing is more appalling than mixing foul odors and a sweet scent. It should never happen. Always shower before applying your choice of fragrance, so that your body is removed of all odors. If your body emits a less-than-pleasant smell, use something that tackles the issue specifically and spray where the smell originates.

4. Spray At The Right Places

The right application involves finding the right parts where the fragrance will last the longest and have maximum effect. These are your hair, ear lobes, collarbone and hands. Spray lightly in these areas for maximum effect. Feel free to spray some on the underarms too, given that those are the most likely to stink up as the day passes.

Think of fragrances as alcohol. Spraying the right amount in the right places with the right scent will make you a more appealing person. Be excessive, and you might come off as revolting to some people. Do what's right to become a truly golden man.