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UAAP Finals Game 3: DLSU vs UST

by Anonymous (not verified)
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

This is it. The final game of the UAAP Season 76. Tigers versus Archers. Who emerge victorious and be this year's champions?

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05:54 PM: DLSU wins game 3 and is the Champion for UAAP Season 76 Basketball. 71-69

05:54 PM: Ball remins with UST.

05:51 PM: DLSU at 71-69.

05:50 PM Vosotros shoots to put DLSU in the lead! 70-60 for DLSU!

05:48 PM: Jeron Teng on the freethrow line. Sinks one, 68-69 for UST.

05:46 PM: Jeric Teng accomplishes a difficult shot! 67-69 for UST!

05:45 PM: Jeron Teng attempts a 3. Misses!

05:44 PM: 67 ALL!

05:42 PM: Fatigue is affecting their game.

05:40 PM: Vosotros sinks a 2! 67-65 for DLSU!

05:38 PM: Vosotros for 3! Nothing but air!

05:37 PM: Abdul travelling.

05:35 PM: Q4 ends with a tie. Game goes into Overtime. 65 ALL.

05:32 PM: Tied at 6 seconds to go. UST has possession; AVO misses Jeron Teng's pass.

05:30 PM: Mariano on the freethrow line. Sinks 2 to tie it! 65 all!

05:27 PM: Jeron teng scores! 65-63 for DLSU!

05:27 PM: Perkins ties it! 63 all!

05:23 PM: Ferrer at the freethrow line. Sinks 2! 61-63 for UST!


J05:22 PM: eron Teng ties the score again! 61 all!

05:21 PM: Jeron Teng and Perkins are both down.

05:20 PM: Bautista for 3! Denied!

05:19 PM: Lead is down to two.

05:19 PM: T. Torres on the freethrow line. Sinks it.58-61 for UST

05:18 PM: Jeron Teng injured. Benched.

05:17 PM: Ferrer misses an opportunity at the freethrow line.

05:16 PM: 4 minutes left.

05:14 PM: Abdul at the freethrow line. Sinks 2! 56-61 for UST!

05:14 PM: Jeron Teng answers back! 59-59 for UST

05:13 PM: Jeric Teng sinks a 3! 54-59 for UST!

05:12 PN: Jeric Teng puts UST back in the lead! 54-56

05:10 PM: Jeron teng equalizes it! 54 all!

05:09 PM: UST takes back the lead! 52-54

05:09 PM: Abdul steals!

05:09 PM: Jeric Teng passes the ball to Abdul! 52-52

05:08 PM: Jeron Teng sinks another 2! 52-50 for DLSU!

05:07 Jeric Teng scores another 2! 50-50 for UST!

05:06 PM: DLSU scores another offensive rebound. 50-48 for DLSU

05:03 PM: Sheriff sinks a 2 to put UST back in the lead! End of Q3! 47-48!

05:01 PM: DLSU BACK IN THE LEAD! 47-46

05:00 PM: Vosotros shoots a 3! 39-46!

04:57 PM: 3 minutes to go.

04:57 PM: Perkins shoots two! 37-46 for UST

04:57 PM: Abdul shoots! 33-44 for UST!

04:53 PM: AVO scores over four UST players to bring the lead down to 9! 33-42!

04:51 PM: Abdul scores another 2! 29-42 for UST.

04:51 PM: Jeron Teng on the freethrow line. DLSU now at 28. 

04:50 PM: Jeron Teng attempts a 2. Misses.

04:49 PM: Vosotros sinks a two pointer! 27-40 for UST

04:46 PM: Jeric Teng is on fire and UST is building a sizeable lead! 25-40 for UST!

04:45 PM: 1 second left in the shotclock. Bautista shoots! 25-36 for UST

04:44 PM: Jeric Teng attacks! 25-36 for UST!

04:43 PM: Revilla steals the ball from Abdul!

04:43 PM: AVO on the freethrow line. 1/2 25-34 for UST

04:41 PM: USt with their first double-digit lead of the game. 23-34

04:25 PM: UST with the highest lead as the Second Quarter ends. 24-32

04:24 PM: Jeric Teng launches a 3. Misses!

04:23 PM: Revilla tries 3. Comes up short.

04:22 PM: Abdul scores another layup! 23-32 for UST

04:20 PM: Vosotros scores 2 points for DLSU! 23-30 for UST

04:19 PM: Abdul forces a turnover for UST!

04:19 PM: Abdul on the freethrow line. Sinks 1.

04:18 PM: Double team on Ferrer.

04:17 PM: DLSU keeps on missing shots.

04:16 PM: Norbert Torres on the freethrow line. Misses both shots!

04:13 PM: Jeric Teng shoots another 3! He has 13 points! 21-28 for UST!

04:12 PM: 5 minutes in the Second Quarter!

04:12 PM: Revilla tries to answer back! Comes up short!

04:12 PM: Jeric Teng launches a 3! Hits it! 21-25 for UST

04:09 PM: Vosotros puts up a 3. Misses!

04:08 PM: Ferrer and Jeron Teng still at it.

04:08 PM: DLSU inches towards the lead again. 21-22 for UST

04:07 PM: Abdul scores again and now has 10 points. UST leads, 22-19.

04:04 PM: Vosotros fly by. 3 points! 19-20 for UST

04:03 PM: UST rebounds! Abdul sinks a layout. 16-20 for UST

04:01PM: Second Quarter begins. 

03:59 PM: Ferrer sinks a last-minute 3 point shot to put UST in the lead as the First Quarter ends! 16-18 for UST

03:58 PM: DLSU has the ball. 30 seconds left!

03:57 PM: Bautista attempts to put UST back in the lead. Misses! 16-15 still for DLSU

03:56 PM: Jeric Teng attempts a lay up. DENIED!

03:55 PM: ABDUL FOR 3! Misses!

03:55 PM: DLSU is giving some pretty damn good defense.

03:55 PM: DLSU responds! 16-15 for DLSU

03:54 PM: Abdul shoots 2 freethrows to take the lead for UST. 14-15

03:50 PM: Mariano on the freethrow line. 14-13 for DLSU

03:49 PM: Perkins fades away. UST forces a turnover.

03:48 PM: Jeric Teng does a rebound and shoots! 14-12 for DLSU

03:48 PM: AVO sinks 2! 14-10 for DLSU

03:47 PM: UST scores! 12-10 for DLSU

03:47 PM: Vosotros Vs Jeric Teng. Vosotros steps back for a 3. Misses!

03:45 PM: Ferrer and Revilla both miss a 2 point opportunity. 

03:43 PM: Jeron Teng faces off against Sheriff. Score! 11-8 for DLSU

03:41 PM: Both teams force turnovers on each other. Abdul goes against Perkins. Abdul scores! 7-7

03:39 PM: It begins! DLSU is leading 7-5. No team is letting go of the ball.