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Types of Men's Hairstyles that Women find Attractive

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

What's your hair like? Is it long and floppy or short and straight? The floppy hair, the suave swoop or the hip undercut is just a few of the styles that attract women from laid back Sam or high maintenance Diana. Different hairstyles make varied impressions of on the kind of woman you want to attract. It's all about confidence and how you carry your look.

There are certain types of hairstyle that drive women crazy. You don't have to completely change your look to get dates; there are styles for men with wavy, long, straight or any type of hair.

Floppy and Wavy

There are women who love the natural flow trickling down your head. The confused-unkempt-but-deliberate style of the floppy haired man makes you look laid back but confident in your own looks.

To rock the look, make it grow long enough to exude an easygoing personality, but you're still the guy people can rely on at work or in serious situations. The kind of woman you'll attract is the no-frills lady who does not want you to take longer than her to prep your hair.

The Prep Swoop

This classic look radiates style and confidence. Keep the sides long enough up top to create a combed side part that you want to accentuate. Add a touch of a hair product to keep it the way you like for the rest of the day. This clean hairstyle shows people you are smart and care about how you present yourself.

This is a look that attracts the serious, corporate woman looking for a good night out once the clock strikes 6.

The Man Bun

If you have the confidence to woo a woman looking like a Spanish guy who keeps his shirt unbuttoned under a Seville sunset, this is the look to sport. This laid-back look gives off a hippie, vegan and yoga loving vibe that new age women dig. Keep it long enough to add sex appeal but not too long that your hair is longer than hers.

The kind of woman you'll attract is the adventurous and fun-loving gal that you would want to travel the world with.

Rock it Like a Hipster

There are two ways to make your hair look like a hipster; military-like tight and high look or the shaven on both sides with a robust top flow 'do. Both are hip looks, but keep the product at a level that your hair does not look too greasy or too frozen. 

This style attracts ladies who like music, blogs, takes photos that no one understands or writes cryptic poetry or posts on Facebook. She does not want her career to define her, but she likes spending on vintage clothes and items.


Balding guys need not fear, the clean -shaven look is a 'do you can rock if your hair begins to prematurely fall off. There's nothing like a clean look that exudes confidence and no-nonsense. This is a neutral look for anyone that is confident in their own skin. Grow a goatee or the rough-almost-but-not-quite there beard to make you look scruffy and manly.

Front Wave

The front wave is a classic, old world look that serious, but fun loving guys sport. This retro style exudes professionalism, and I'm going to take you home to meet my parents and get married attitude from women. It oozes a sexiness and geekiness that will attract her to you.

Attract women that are serious about their careers, but are also fun loving once deadlines pass and deals are closed.

These are different hairstyles you can look into and add to your arsenal of style. Switch between styles to identify which works best for your personality and the kind of woman you want to woo.