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Types of Fabrics that Hide or Show Sweat Stains

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Certain guys are likely to exhibit signs of being sweat buckets even if it's not summer. Professional athletes have it easy because of dry-absorb and wicking garments that keep them dry. For regular guys like us, we have to stick to our t-shirts while we keep our arms glued to our sides during our first date with sweaty armpits.

Guys who sweat excessively face difficulties day and night as they encounter dyahe moments when they raise their arms in front of a date or crush, or when making reports in the meeting room. How we present ourselves is a big deal, no matter how many times people tell us about being beautiful inside.

Luckily for us Clark Kents with no Superman alter-ego, certain fabrics veil our sweaty armpits or chests when we can't help but sweat profusely.


The Good and The Bad Fabrics

Summers and rainy season aren't kind to guys who sweat profusely; we have to deal with temperatures that soar to 34 degrees or very humid days during the rainy months. We have to select clothes we wear carefully to avoid those stains under our arms and chest.

For guys who sweat profusely, choose fabrics that are breathable. These types of fabrics have unique fibers that transport moisture from one end to another. When we sweat, these materials let the moisture move outside, in a way allowing the fabric to breathe.

Cotton is a breathable material that hides our excessive sweating and limit those dyahe moments when we raise our arms. Look for clothes with fabrics such as 100% cotton or linen.

Now that we know the good stuff, we must also know the bad fabrics that leave those nasty wet stains on our bodies. Not all cotton-based fabrics hide our sweaty armpits; fabrics such as flannel and corduroy make us look bad after sweating.

Silk is a breathable fabric, but it can't take excessive moisture. Guys with excessive perspiration problems might also want to stay away from heavy synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester.

Color Matters

We don't want to be that guy wearing a neon green long-sleeved shirt with dark patches under our armpits in the meeting room.

Color either hides or exposes sweat stains; black and white are two absolute colors that are good at veiling wet spots on our armpits or chest. Light, bright and tones that are not dark enough, expose our sweat stains.

Sweaty guys do not have to restrict themselves to boring plain white or black-colored clothes. Camouflage and plaid shirts help hide sweat stains and are a welcome opportunity to take risks with your style.

Riding the MRT, buses and jeeps make the problem worse as we have to jostle and stand close to other people, making our clothes cling onto our skin and revealing sweat stains. Check the fabric and color of the clothes we wear to avoid big time dyahe moments.

Wear an Extra Shirt While You're At It

Putting on an extra undershirt may be the last thing on your mind when sweating profusely, but that extra cotton shirt helps us cool down while keeping the sweat off our outer layer shirt.

When choosing an undershirt, pick cotton or any other breathable fabric. These wick sweat from our body and keep it on the inner layer, preventing wet stains. The extra shirt also creates a pocket of air between the outer layer, keeping us cool and fresh during hot and humid days or excessive sweating.

Wearing a dri-fit undershirt from Adidas or Nike might seem like a good idea since these remove sweat from the body, but this is only a great idea when it is the only shirt you wear. These shirts wick sweat away, but it transfers it to the outer shirt we have on, thus creating the dreaded wet patches and stains.

Wearing an undershirt is a good idea during the colder yet humid months from July until the end of the year. The summer months are too hot to wear two shirts at a time, it may negate the idea of hiding sweat stains when you're soaked with sweat because of the heat.

We regular guys with a perspiration problem do not have to suffer and hide our sweat by constantly keeping our arms pressed against our bodies, or wearing boring clothes. Certain breathable fabrics and colors help us look good while hiding our sweat stains. Say goodbye to those dyahe moments with the right set of clothes and a good anti-perspirant.