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The Two-Wheel Ride of Badassery

by Tech Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Cars are definitely cool to have. Some people like them and others are fortunate enough to have had a few nice models.

Nonetheless, there is something about motorcycles that make a man a man. They don't just put the strong wind in your hair and a make you look fearless the moment you hit the speedway; they are also an effective chick magnet.

While we all know that the ideal dream guy of most women is someone who's tall, dark, and handsome, maybe it's time girls modernize that standard to "tall, dark, handsome - and owns a motorcycle."


That added oomph
A motorcycle adds that "extra ingredient" in a guy.  It conveys freedom, independence, and fearlessness. These guys openly embrace risks and have a strong desire for challenges. While they aren't considered bad boys and daredevils necessarily, that element of danger adds an extra oomph to the ladies. It is even downright sexy for some.

That spontaneity
Men with bikes are no doubt the type of guy who will spontaneously ask a woman to go on a road trip on the spur of the moment. If their mood strikes to head for Tagaytay, spend time at one the beaches in Batangas, or anywhere else, they're likely to seize the moment and take their girl along for a great date. Plus, bikes make parking more convenient, assuring the lady that dinners and side trips will be perfect.

That machismo
Even the nerdiest guy on the planet can transform into a cool dude when they start switching their eyeglass for shades, the faded polo for a leather jacket and ride a Honda CBR or Suzuki GSX-R. After all, everyone knows how women prefer the bad boy look.

That extra heat
Sure, cars are safer than motorcycles. But prepare yourself from a serious boredom overload. While some people will tell you that they had a colleague, a relative, or a neighbor who had a bike and crashed, and explained how badly they got hurt, no other thing in this world can give you an added challenge like a motorcycle. Plus, knowing how to ride safely gives you an additional pogi points with the ladies.

That authority
Today, guys no longer decide where to go or what to eat every time. As great and sweet as that is, there's still a part that makes women transform into a nice, submissive girl the moment they ride a motorcycle. To them, a bike is the only thing in the

world they will let a man take over and put their entire trust in them even for just a little while.
Always remember: Lee Christmas from The Expendables will not ride a Ducati Desmosedici RR for nothing. We all know how badass he is when he starts to ride that red beast.

Still, there are some women who don't dig the biker date at all. For them, they would rather choose to date a guy who wears a suit and tie with a sedan. No added challenges, no wind in their face, and no sense of freedom.

To which we say: "Girl,you don't know what you're missing."