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Two Types of Gwapo: Are You Tall, Dark, and Handsome OR Clean, Neat, and Awesome?

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Men have been trying to figure out women since time immemorial, and in all that time, we've learned jack about what it is they truly want. But, thanks to persistent efforts, there are two visual archetypes that we can say with full confidence will work when done right.

These archetypes are the Tall, Dark and Handsome, and the Clean, Neat and Awesome. The rationale is that we will have the most potential for success with the ladies if we follow these types — many Bothans died to get this information – so let's get started.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome

The TDH is a trope that can trace its roots back to old Hollywood, but it’s reasonable to believe that the attraction to this type stretches far earlier than that. So, what is it exactly? To keep things short, it mostly means exotic, or a man that looks like he works under the sun.

Why is this appealing? The type falls back on a woman's bias towards a man who can provide. Tanned skin developed from work outdoors means that the TDH guy can take care of himself when the going gets tough—and he can take good care of his partner, too.

Tall – The first adjective of this archetype may already disqualify many of us reading this. The average height of a Filipino man is 5'4". We need to be well over this ceiling before TDH can even become an option. So, what can we do if we don’t exactly measure up?

The one thing that we can all do right now to remedy this is to work on our posture. A proper stance definitely adds a few centimeters to our appearance in literally seconds. Not only will this make us look taller, it will also give us an added air of confidence.

Dark – Compared to being tall, dark is a requirement that many of us will have no problem fulfilling.  Filipinos have a natural tan that is the envy of many in the West, so achieving the hardy outdoorsman look is easy for us.

If you feel you do not have the complexion for it, we suggest investing your time in sports or any activity that will take you outside as much as possible. Swimming is a great choice. Not only will this give you the tan you want, you’ll even get a healthy physique as well.Of course, you can always just hit up the beach on a random weekend. That’s one of the best things about living in the Philippines—anytime is beach time as long as it’s not raining.

Handsome – The definition of what handsome is near impossible to nail because even if there are celebrities that most people would think of as handsome or may itsura, there’s never a unanimous consensus. This is actually a good thing for all of us, since it means that there will always be a chance, even if your look isn’t the conventional definition of ‘good-looking’.

Our suggestion – as always – is to keep yourself gwapo by maintaining a good facial complexion and getting a good hairstyle. Manifesto has tons of guides on how to get rid of those nasty oil and pimples you get from staying outdoors too long, and we’ve also showed you many of the latest fashionable hairstyles for 2016. It’s really not that hard to be handsome.

Clean, Neat, and Awesome

The CNA isn’t really a trope since it hasn’t been around long enough to have its own niche. It's unlikely that will ever be the case, though, because the CNA is a basic good guy look—the boy next door, if you will. No girl is going to reject a guy when he’s neat and looks like he takes care of himself.

The great thing about the CNA archetype over the TDH archetype is that there are no limits to who can do it, or how they can achieve it – except through effort. The time you’re willing to spend on yourself is the only thing that will determine the success of the look if you think it suits you.

Clean – There are two elements that we need to focus on to achieve this element. First, personal hygiene. Shower regularly, brush your teeth, and apply deodorant.

Second and more importantly, keep your face clean, because at the end of the day, that’s what everyone sees. There’s no shame in having a nightly facial wash, moisturizer, and toner routine to give your face that healthy glow that has the ladies taking a second glance. If you’re starting out, just get a facial wash and apply it once everyday, you will see the difference on your face very quickly!

Neat - Your hair is just as important as your face. We’ve done plenty of articles highlighting the different styles and cuts available to the modern man. We have this and this as examples; give these a look and see if any of those styles suit your taste and personality.

Awesome – This is the trickiest to achieve. Being awesome just means being your confident best all the time. When you’re around your barkada, find your niche as the leader, joker, driver, foodie expert, photographer, etc. Build your friends’ confidence in you.

Then focus on being confident around the girls, especially your crush. Treat her nicely, but do it in a confident, non-henpecked manner. Approach her, but don’t be nervous. Have a meal with her, but don’t stay quiet. Take her to the movies, but you choose the show and the snacks. Walk her home, but don’t linger.

She will think you are awesome in no time.

So Are You TDH or CNA?

While the TDH is largely a function of genetics, the CNA look is something all of us can achieve if we put a little more care into our personal care regimen. Both of these types exemplify the qualities of the attractive man. The only difference is in how you approach the idea of what classifies as the tunay na sikreto ng mga gwapo.