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Torn Between Two Gadgets: Tablets vs. Ultrabooks

by Tech Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Tablets are the one of the most sought-after gadgets these days. You'll see people playing with it on the commute or while having their favorite drink at coffee shops. They're visible everywhere, from homes to malls to office stations. But what attracts users to this device? Some say it's like a larger smartphone, with greater specifications and a bigger screen. Others say it's like a camera, television, and computer rolled into one, which makes it their go-to device.

Tablets: A Combination of Different Functions

There are some people who'd like to stick to their smartphones or laptop. They think this way because the tablet is like a bridge between the mobile phone and the desktop devices. An iPad has almost the same features as the iPhone. The only difference is the tablet has a more powerful browser and bigger internal storage. Some tablets, like those in the Android range, also have a SIM card slot. Calls and texts are now accessible, making communication easier.

Students also use the tablet for their schoolwork. You'll see them in libraries attaching a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard to it. Acer, Lenovo, and Dell are top manufacturers that provide accessories with their tablets. Type away your reports and essential work documents with your own tablet. This mobile device is extremely portable compared to laptops, which are comparably heavier and more bulky.

Laptops: A Better Alternative?

Others, though, are dissatisfied with the tablets' performance. When it comes to tasks with heavy applications, laptops will perform better. They have more powerful processors, video cards, and other specifications. This makes laptops the ultimate gadget for the busy professional, the dedicated gamer, and the creative graphics artist. You'll find that web pages load faster on laptops, and you don't have to reload them just to view something clearly.

Ultrabooks offer a compromise for easier portability. Samsung ATIV, Acer Aspire, and Asus VivoBook are some of the best ultrabook lines on the market. These are lighter than your ordinary laptop, as they should be less than 0.7 inches thick with 13-inch or lower displays. They also have low-powered processors and batteries compared to their bigger counterparts. Ultrabooks have USB slots, allowing you to work on the go, instead of making do with a tablet that has a smaller screen and space for your typing fingers.

Gadget Shopping in the Philippines

The local tech market offers more alternatives on tablets than ultrabooks, though. This is because the Philippines doesn't create its own line of laptops. It's more active in creating smartphones and tablets for consumers with a low to mid-range budget.

Tablets from Apple, Samsung, and other leading brands come with hefty price tags, which are often beyond the reach of the average Filipino user. This isn't the case with the local manufacturers. You can have a tablet for an amount closer to your budget. At 3,999 pesos, you can have a Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt.

This carrier isn't the only player on the market. Starmobile, MyPhone, and other brands are also offering their own lines of tablets that compete for customer attention. Telecommunication giants, Smart and Globe, also offer them with corresponding data plans.

For ultrabooks, you'll have to rely on international carriers. This naturally calls for a bigger budget. You shouldn't take this as a deterrent, however. Many electronics store offer installment payment plans via credit card. They have 0% interest, if you're buying a Samsung ATIV Book 9 selling for around 30,000 pesos with a Visa or MasterCard. These stores also offer discounts if you're paying straight cash.

Tablets vs. Ultrabooks

There's a lot to love about the tablet and the ultrabook. Tablets are great for light browsing and other fun activities, such as playing Candy Crush, Pou, and Temple Run. But they're not as functional as an ultrabook when it comes to creating documents and presentations.

A gadget is like an investment you should carefully plan for. Match your needs and budget to find the right gadget. Check all the features, prices, warranty, and other matters on the fine print. This way, you'll find a gadget you'll be able to use for a long time.