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Top Gadgets that Will Make You Feel Like a Secret Agent

by Tech Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Bond...James Bond! Many of us have witnessed how our favorite secret agent has gone beyond the limits and conquered the villains with his high-tech and multi-functional gadgets. And you're probably dreaming of owning one those cool devices.

Secret agents are popular for their modern implements, which they use to fight their enemies. Many people would love to own some of those items to become an undercover action hero just like in their favorite movies.

The wait is over. You can now feed your fantasies and fulfill your dreams of becoming a secret agent in your own way. If you want to look and feel like a spy, these cool gadgets are for you.

Miniscule Image and Video Recorder

You're not a spy without a spy camera. A miniscule image and video recorder like the Mame-Cam from Thanko, a Japanese company is what you need to secretly gather evidence. This device is so tiny you can easily put it on your fingertip, or any inconspicuous part of your body. It uses a microSD to store data, and has a battery that lasts about 36 minutes.

GPS Tracking Watch and Phone with Spy Camera

Bring out the spy in you with this multi-functional gadget that supports phone calls, SMS, and GPS tracking. You can track down a friend or a family member by just calling him or her. Your subject's exact location will appear on the highly sensitive touch screen. This ultra-modern watch can store up to three SOS numbers so you can easily call for help in case of emergencies. Capture images and record videos using its built-in 1.3MP camera. And with its media player and voice recording functions, this watch is really worth the investment.

Stealthy Shades

Stay fashionable while recording videos in HD quality. A pair of camcorder sunglasses from Thanko will make you stealthy and stylish. A camera located in the middle of the nosepiece records 720 quality videos and shoots 12MP JPGs. It records everything on an SD card. Just transfer the file to a USB, plug it into your computer, and watch your video. This pair of sunglasses is great for recording your outdoor adventures, such as cycling and for capturing incriminating evidence.

Spy Pens

Writing while recording videos? It's possible with a Hammacher Schlemmer spy pen that has a built-in camera. You don't just write everything you hear; you can also record and save it in the pen's 4GB memory. This gadget will surely make a James Bond fanatic happy this Christmas.

Driverless Car iPhone App

Check out the latest iPhone app that will drive you crazy. Spirit of Berlin, an app developed by Artificial Intelligence Group and the computer scientists at Free University in Berlin, will allow you to control your car using your smartphone. It displays the steering wheel, brake, and accelerator button on the screen, so you can easily park or pilot your vehicle without even getting behind its wheel.

Trendy Camera Ring

A camera ring or CAMERing designed by Hyeonsik Studio and Jeon Yengwon is perfect for taking photos of either a suspicious or an adorable individual. This trendy gadget blends with any outfit, so you're sure no one will ever think it's a working piece of technology. You can easily flip the ring around to conceal the lens, and then flip it back when you're ready to shoot.

You can now live your dream of becoming a real spy. Get ready to spend part of your Christmas bonus, as these secret agent gadgets will make you look and feel like James Bond in no time.