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Think with the Right Head: Your Definition of a Perfect Girl

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

What is the perfect girl for you?

Is it a Marian Rivera: The ultimate Molly with utterly gorgeous face, petite, yet insanely curvaceous body, and photoshopped complexion.

Maybe an Ellen Adarna: A party animal with spunky attitude; virginal facial features meet foxy aura.

Perhaps like Gretchen Ho or a Rachele Daquis: A textbook hothlete with incredible passion for the game and ladylike swagger; such a beauty in motion and tight jerseys.

How about a Gaby Dela Merced: A hottie with substance and mad driving skills; an extraordinary girl with unwavering taste for adventure, and learned the word thrill from a man's dictionary.

Definitely a Kat Agarrado of Sinosikat, Arci Munoz of Philia, or anyone from General Luna: An ass-kicking chick with unfailing musicality and sweet charm; the quintessential alpha female.

Most certainly an Angel Aquino, an Alice Dixon, or a Lucy Torres: An ageless goddess with forever-fit figure; the true epitome of eternal youthfulness to die for.


The list goes on; these are just generic classes of ladies-some men even have subcategories on their books-living in every guy's fantasy. If you ask a dude about the definition of his Molly, the answer is either a representative from one of the above's groups or a hybrid encompassing two or more classifications. There's nothing wrong with hoping to catch the most sought-after fish in the sea, except that you'd likely be met with failure.

There's a reason they call it the girl of your dreams-they're not real. Most men with overly high standards when it comes to dating end up empty-handed and completely unhappy. The fault in searching for faultless girls is that they don't exist-unicorns that are merely a figment of your overheated and uncontrolled imagination.

If you truly want your search efforts to bear fruit, you should change your definition of a perfect girl into a woman who:

Can Live Without You
Relatively, it's more fulfilling to be around an independent woman. This type of girl doesn't depend her happiness on you alone. She's not clingy, and therefore hardly demands for your attention because she's busy with her personal affairs. A girl who can live without you, but still chooses to be with you because of love is absolutely a keeper.

Knows How to Have Fun
A serious woman who doesn't really take life so seriously is a gift from heaven. Someone who has the ability to laugh at the toughest situations, is conscious with what she eats but still enjoys tapsilog and bagnet, and knows when to break the rules to play is a girlfriend material without a doubt.

Has Similar and Opposing Interests
Compatibility is a matter of sharing the same interests and expanding worlds with the opposing ones. You can't grow as a person if you're not with someone who can't make you wiser every day. The saying "opposite attracts" holds true because both of you discover new things from each other and complete one another in the process.

Loves You Despite Knowing
A woman who sees the good in you in spite all of your imperfections is worth keeping. She may have fallen head over heels for you because of the positive impression you showed her, but she will see the darkest side of your personality over time. If she still loves you no matter what, stick with that girl.

All girls have a healthy mix of good and bad traits. Even the very celebrities you drool over are flawed creatures. Stop chasing the women you see in the media; go after the real one. Look beyond what meets your eyes, and think with the right head, to find the truly perfect girl for you.