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Things Alpha Males Do Differently

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

There is a popular notion that alphas usually take the form of jocks. Other times, these are just jerks who are overly aggressive and confrontational, things you could mistake as alpha qualities. The truth is these are just beta males trying to compensate for their shortage in alpha qualities, in a bad way.

Alphas, in truth, are on the middle ground between these jerks and beta males. They stand in the middle, but they are superior to both male types. They are born with these qualities and loved because of it. Considering that the public adore him and women search for someone like him, it's normal to aspire to be an alpha male.

It's a little hard to develop qualities you don't inherently possess. Especially in this case, where characteristics needed are mental than physical. Nonetheless, this is a worthy pursuit that could improve all aspects of your life as a man.

There's nothing wrong in copying someone. As long as you do it your way, you'll still be you even after you succeed in enhancing your alpha-ness. In addition, strive to be the alpha that inspires people. It's cliche in a way, but true alpha males use their powers for good and not for evil.

Here is your guide as to "how they do":

Alpha Males Know Fear, and...

They are courageous in front of adversity. Don't be cowed by embarrassment or failure. Those two things are always a part of every challenge, and it's normal to experience them along the way. You can start small, in a department where you need improving. Try sports, for example. Build your game from the ground up. Know that alpha males aren't perfect, but they would go through brick walls to come out on top.

Alpha Males Are Leaders, and...

They rarely resort to shouting orders or belittling those who are at fault. Long has it been established that real leaders help out rather than become a blockage, a lesson you ought to learn to become an alpha. In addition, you yourself must get the job done in order to inspire people. If you aim to be a certified alpha, don't take anything for granted and be ready. Rally the pack, not by barking commands, but by running with them.

Alpha Males Have Charisma, and...

They are never the loudest in the group.  They know how to tell a story properly. This could be a big roadblock in your mission to be an alpha male. Nonetheless, it's still possible to create your own mystique. You can build up your charm by cracking a joke or raising the group's spirit. Make sure you know when to talk and when to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Alpha Males Know Style, and...

They rarely subscribe to what's popular. If you don't know the first thing about proper clothing, then start reading up. Think class over swag for your fashion choice. Wear monochrome outfits that show that you're all business. As for something for the skin, don't hesitate to use products to ensure the good state of your appearance.

Alpha Males Are Never Interested, and...

They are not shy about giving praise to the truly impressive. You can't be swooning over everyone's achievement. Remain in your place, mind your own business and give praise when one truly deserves it. You're going to have to learn ice-cold demeanor to be the undisputed alpha in your group. Play your own game, but give out the occasional shoulder tap recognizing a job well done.

Alphas get countless rewards in life just because they are who they are. Become an alpha, not for the prize, but for the man you will be: a monument of good values, manhood and bravery. Convince yourself that you're up to the test, which can be your first step in becoming a man among boys.