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Taking it to the Next Level: From Best Friend to Boyfriend

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Aside from your bros, you've kind of been "best friends" with this girl for a while now. And you think it's amazing how the two of you click on so many different levels. From the type of music you both listen to and share, to the judgments you pass on the girls you've been seeing (she gives honest 1-10 ratings). She isn't the boyish type, but you've been buddies for so long that she gets how your mind operates. Once, with that in mind, you actually felt scared for a moment-This person has knowledge of all my shit that she can actually destroy my life. And then it hits you-that she's still friends with you, despite all the dirty laundry you've piled up in the hamper of your friendship.

She's your best friend; a girl who's basically like a bro, only that she's not a bro (and she definitely ain't no hoe either!). She's the girl who knows you so well she can predict your next move-the type of girl who you share across-the-table stares with and understand what they mean. You guys can speak in code without the need for winking. You get it now.


She's the best person to be in a relationship with, but you aren't sure why it took you this long before realizing it. So you find yourself asking a bunch of questions, ultimately arriving at: Why not take this friendship to the next level?

Before getting to have your cake and eating at the same time, here are five essentials you need to know about going from best friend to boyfriend:

1. Timing is Everything

Taking your friendship to the next level is a risk, because what if your feelings aren't reciprocated? This can cost you an invaluable friendship that may lead to burning bridges. How much are you willing to lose? You know you can't mess this up, so you better be ready for whatever.

Be sure that your timing is on point and respect her decision/s. You know her all too well to bring this up at an inopportune moment. Consider making the confession after a particular nice night out, or after you guys have just spent a lot of quality alone time together over consecutive days.

2. Look for Tell-Tale Signs

Assess the situation and look for tell-tale signs that your affection could be reciprocated. Ask her what type of guys she usually goes out with (and ensure you fit the bill!). Understand what she thinks of you as potential partner. Has she ever complimented your "boyfriend material" qualities? Finally, ensure that she is looking for romance as well. If she just came from a bad breakup, or she is busy focusing on her school/work at the moment, then you don't want to catch her off-guard and ruin your friendship with a badly planned confession!

3. As your best friend, she knows the way your mind works.

Don't try to play mind games with her. She's your best friend and she knows everything about you. You wouldn't want to play her the same way you did the other girls in the past. First off, she deserves better and this includes every square inch of your respect. Secondly, it's not like she doesn't know about the other girls or what you're trying to do. She knows your game, the inner workings of your mind, your thought process, and how you operate.

Don't you dare try anything funny, cause it's not gonna sit well with your ~bestie~. She can break you without batting an eyelash-that is, if she wanted to. Just be straight-up yourself and don't beat around the bush!

4. Things can go from a little to reeeaaaalllllyyyy awkward once you 'fess up.

Once you tell her how you feel, no matter the delivery (whether you say it straight up, with grand gestures, or in flowery, Hallmark compositions), things between you two will never be the same. Say goodbye to innocent tickling and playful wrestling, spoon-feeding in public, unadulterated teasing and holding hands, or cuddling on the couch on horror movie night. In the back of her mind, she's always going to be thinking how you "like, like" her.

5. Value her; it isn't everyday you find a best friend and a lover rolled into one.

Once she sees how you can recognize her worth, she'll tell you how much she appreciates your efforts. Treat her as if she were a coveted jewel, or a large bag of cash bursting at the seams, or a best friend and a lover in one. You've been friends for too long-you have to be able to express how much you value her as a person.

If she feels the same way you do, congratulations, you've already won at life. Do your best at taking care of the relationship, because it isn't everyday that you meet someone who knows all your sh*t, accepts you despite it all, and loves you for who you are.