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Tablets "R" Us: Best Tablets for Kids

by Tech Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Tablets are now not just for the tech-savvy. As the market for tablets and other mobile devices continue to expand, it is little surprise that manufacturers are starting to include toddlers to their customer base. Tablets have a huge potential as an educational tool; with the right set of features, they make great digital companions for growing up kids.

Not all tablets are geared for kids' use, however. Always practice caution when lending your tablet to young ones. Once they bug you too many times to use your tablet, it is high time to give them their own. Take a look at some of the best tablets geared towards kids:

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Amazon is known for setting trends in many aspects; its latest masterpiece, Kindle Fire HD, is no exception. With its 1.5GHZ dual-core processor, users will have an easy time playing with it. It can run various applications, movies, and games without a hitch. Its bright display also makes for an exceptional reading and watching experience.

What makes the Kindle Fire HD worthy your every peso is its outstanding feature, Kindle FreeTime. Parents can create a profile for their kids, and choose the only apps, music, games, books, or videos kids can access. They can also set a time-limit for every use for better usage measures.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Samsung has gone the other way around with its Galaxy Tab 3 Kids. Rather than issue software update, the mobile technology giant made a whole new device for the much younger demographics. It is essentially a redesigned Tab 3, but with custom software to help parents monitor their kids' tab activities. The small body frame is perfect for smaller hands. It comes packed with child-friendly apps and features to keep your kids occupied for hours.

LeapPad Ultra

When it comes to tablets solely dedicated to cater the young ones' preferences, the LeapPad Ultra is one of your best bets. It runs on its own OS, and has access to WiFi connection. The child-safe browser helps keep the browsing experience safe and fun.

The big buttons and protective screen also add to the tablet's impressive features. While the performance is not at par with other high-end tablets yet, LeadPad Ultra is by far one of the best you can give to your curious child.

Apple iPad mini

The App Store's millions of quality and educational content are enough to send other competitors running, but they are not the only reasons you should give your child an Apple iPad mini now. The tablet features a 5-megapixel rear camera and several parental features to make the device suitable for kids. You want to invest in a sturdy case, though, as the tablet is not exactly built for rough handling.

While these mobile devices are designed and made with safe usage in mind, always supervise your kids when they are tinkering with their tablets. Spend more quality time with your kids exploring all the good things these tablets can offer.