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Sweet Sniff: How the Male Scent Enamors Women

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

When it comes to attracting the opposite sex, there are always factors and dynamics to consider. The ultimate goal usually takes the form of your desire to make that lady your girlfriend or wife. With this in mind, you come up with instrumental goals, which may include dressing up, improving your career, and showing your "soft side."  Take note, however, of one factor that can do wonders in very subtle ways: your scent.

It's universal knowledge that your scent can help further your cause as far as courting women is concerned. Still, only pay attention to how it creates chemistry. Your scent, whether raw or masked, is part of your nonverbal cues that signal others about your appeal. It also mirrors your personality based on the notes of musk and fragrance you spray over yourself.


Here are some insights that will help you understand the importance of your scent.

Takeaways from the Animal Kingdom

Animals have special ways of communicating. One of these is the releasing of pheromones, or the chemicals that send information to the members of the same species through scent. Animals have a sophisticated olfactory system to receive these types of compounds. Pheromones are used to alarm others or to provide a trail. Nonetheless, one interesting function of these chemicals is these are utilized to attract potential mating partners.

While the existence of human sex pheromones is on a heated debate, the same principle can be applied to human interactions. Our lack of hardware and system to receive such compounds is compensated using perfumes. With these oils and splashes, we can create an impression. We can signal others about our availability or intimidate other members of the XY population, as a strong scent can be associated with the Alpha male attitude.  

The Role of Perfume and Fragrances

An article in The Economist highlighted the three broad theories of fragrance use. The first purpose is to mask undesirable body odors. The second one is that some fragrances contain chemicals that emulate pheromones. The third one is that it complements natural scent that advertises one's appeal to others.

Some of these may hold water. The first argument? There is surely no question about it. There are people who try to hide their unappealing musk.

Smithsonian says that pheromones exist, but their functions are quite different; for instance, these chemicals may guide newborns in finding their moms' breasts through scent. These may also aid you in telling whether the person sitting next you is anxious or not.

The third argument supports our assertion that it is part of your nonverbal cues that signal others about your appeal.   

On Smelling Nice

Realize that smelling good attracts women. It's not just about using a light fragrance or exotic oil. The foundation of smelling good is showering every day with an antibacterial wash. Sweat, by default, has no odor. Still, when bacteria start mixing with it, it becomes a problem. Wear body spray, to minimize the friction between sweat and bacteria. Use a spray with a subtle scent as a finishing layer for smelling good.