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Stuck in a Rut? Try These Outdoor Activities to Keep You Active

by Sports Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM
The cold and wet season, marked by consecutive class suspensions and work-from-home notices, are officially here. We know how glorious it must be to sleep in during the rain with a tub of fried chicken, staying up late watching Stranger Things, Mr. Robot, or binge watching movies. It can be a solid way to de-stress, but you do know how too much of this will turn you into a lump of dough, right?

Take advantage of the cold weather and bask in the sun-it's a good, natural source of Vitamin D, by the way. And when it isn't raining out, be sure to make use of your energy by keeping active. Striving for a life of fitness doesn't have to be a career; you can have fun with it, too.

The "Ber" months are coming soon, bros. It won't take long before we find ourselves scheduling Christmas dinners and parties. So, before you fret about the possible, probable weight gain in the coming months, as well as the ensuing regret, here are outdoor activities that'll be sure to pick you up from the rut you may be in:

With all the movement parkour and free running requires, you're going to be bursting with endorphins for sure. The said hormone triggers a positive feeling in the body right after an intense workout, causing you to experience the "runner's high." Parkour, at its core, is a high-intensity condition workout that'll stretch your limbs while building muscle, making your body both stronger and flexible.

Run, jump, swing, balance, roll, and vault through obstacles in the Ninja Academy training camp to build your skills and prepare your body for a variety of structures in the city. Your primary goal is to enable your body to react faster and land safely and effectively whenever you jump or climb. Grip strength is another aspect of parkour training you will have to build on. Once you learn the essential moves, you can go out and interact with the urban setting to keep the flow going.

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Given how Metro Manila is congested AF, isn't it about time you hopped on a bike and cycled your way around the city? It may sound overwhelmingly tiring to be doing it every day, but once it becomes a habit, imagine the slew of benefits you can gain from it. Cycling culture promotes fitness, lessens pollution and traffic, and can save you money.

In this weather, try setting out in the early morning to start your day right. Prepare a route the night before, so as soon as you wake up, you can grab a quick bite, like a protein bar or a banana, and a cup of coffee just for that spark to get you going. Really, the important thing to keep in mind is this: "How can you be successful in life if you can't even get up early in the morning?"

As motivation, here are a couple of challenges you can aim to achieve with your bike: just bring a buddy along for the century ride: Manila to Nasugbu, Batangas (95 km) and Manila to Subic Bay, Zambales (160 km). Stock up on water to replenish and rehydrate yourself throughout the journey.


Okay, so technically, it's not much of a physical activity... but hey, haven't you heard of people walking the lengthiest of distances to catch 'em all? As an augmented reality mobile game, you will have to go out and reach certain places like Poké stops and gyms to gain experience, restock items, and hatch eggs. The game is peaking at a crazy, global level and it is getting people to walk around and exercise.

Can you imagine how, in Australia, two women went as far as to kayak their way to conquer a gym? Upon discovering that the gym was located in a Wellington Harbour fountain, two women who have been avid Pokémon fans rented a kayak to paddle their way and win the gym. Witnesses and fellow players of the game took photos and live-tweeted the pair's journey in becoming the very best, like no one ever was.

Physicians say that for you to be a healthy adult, you should engage in exercise and outdoor activities for at least 30 minutes a day. Instead of taking the elevator, why don't you take the stairs instead? Walking won't pass off as a "real sport," but it's an outdoor activity you can practice and have fun doing with Pokémon Go. With the huge number of people playing the game, they've integrated it into their daily commutes. Take heed, bro. It's about time to pick up your phone, download the game, and start your quest.

Life is about constant movement, right? How can you expect to progress if you stay in one place? Do more than what people, like your boss, parents, teachers or friends expect of you, and show them you are more than some lump of dough. You can run, hop, skip, and climb your way in life, ride a bike and cycle to the light at the end of the tunnel, and have your Pokémon with you on this journey.

This is about you, bro, and how you can take control of your life, starting with taking care of your body first. Do more and live an active and healthier lifestyle.