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Stress in the City: Every Driver's Guide to Surviving EDSA Traffic

by Culture Team
17 Oct 2019 | 8:55 AM
EDSA is an important artery that thousands of commuters are forced to tread through every single day. It was supposed to give people a quick and straightforward North-South route that would greatly reduce travel time. Nowadays, it's the exact opposite, with drivers dreading the inevitable slog through the massive headache that is EDSA, and commuters waking at ungodly hours just to escape rush hour.

Fortunately, there are ways to ease the stress of travelling through this world famous thoroughfare, and we'll list down two of the most useful ones here for you.

There Are Rules For A Reason
This should already go without saying, but it's painfully apparent that a significant majority of motorists driving along EDSA need to review the road rules. They can take this handy online test, and see how well they do.

We know, we know. If we follow the rules, some ill-bred jerk is going to take advantage and cut in front of you, and we'll still get stuck in traffic. That may be true, but -again- they're ill-bred jerks, if you follow their example you'll actually be worse, since you'll be following in their example.

Let's follows what Michelle Obama said in her speech back at the DNC a few weeks ago - When they go low, we go high. It's tough to be the bigger person, but any kind of change can only start when the people who want it do the changing first.

ProTip: Don't pick a fight, lose, and then shoot people who piss you off, either. See Tanto.

Let Waze Lead The Way
Technology has a come a long way in helping us all waste time and put dog filters on our pictures. Apps have become infamous for being a purely millennial phenomenon, in that it's just a bunch of games and photo sharing gimmicks. But, every once in a while there are a few times when apps prove the doubters wrong, and become indispensable.

We already talked about these applications in an older post, and we the apps that we recommended there are still the best options for regular commuters. Just remember to install an attachment on your dashboard so you don't have to hold your phone or look down to check where you should go next.

Turn That Road Rage Into a Road Rave
Have you ever been riding in a jeep or a UV where the driver has the radio on and it suddenly plays your favorite song, and you want to stay just to finish it? This is one of the rare instances where you wish traffic actually took longer. By using Spotify and other music apps, you don't have to depend of the whims of the DJ to get your music fix on the road.

Create your own playlist of feel-good tunes to counter the bad vibes of EDSA traffic, and turn a bad situation into an opportunity to jam out. You avoid getting stressed so early in the morning (or on your way home) and even start feeling good by the time you get to your destination.

Just remember to hook it up to the car's speakers, though. Plugging in earphones is a safety hazard and is a great way to get flagged by the boys in blue.

Exercise EDSA Efficiency
One of the worst things about morning traffic is that it drains us before we can even confront the things that we need to get done for the day. So as soon as we do get into the office, we just slump in our chairs and stare at the work we're supposed to do and sigh from its sheer volume.

Fortunately, we can cut this cycle before it starts with some mental preparation. Use the down time to think about the priorities you need to accomplish throughout the day. If we run through all the things we need to get done in the day before we get to the office, we're at least ready to jump into it without missing a beat.

This is an exercise that puts us in the zone and out of the traffic (at least mentally).

EDSA traffic is a reality we all have to live with for the foreseeable future, and whining about it isn't going to solve it. The best thing we can do is to make the trip easier to bear until someone gets a bright idea make the cars flow easier.

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