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She's Into You: The Art of Reading a Woman's Body Lingo

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Men are clueless creatures when it comes to body language. If a woman doesn't make you aware that she's flirting, chances are you'll have no idea. Admit it. There are so many things about women you don't understand; including signs of attraction.

Understanding a woman's body language is a bit tricky. But, if you make the effort to train yourself to spot those flirting signals, confirming whether she likes you or not will become a lot easier. The secret is to recognize consistency and progression. A single sign from a woman may be an indicator of interest, but it doesn't indicate total attraction. Watch the progression of these individual signs. As these signals become more consistent and obvious, the more interested she becomes.

Playing with Her Hair

When a woman plays with her hair, she's obviously flirting. Flicking or twirling hair is a favorite flirting gesture among women. Doing this is like a subtle way of exposing her neck - a popular erogenous zone. Most women like the tingly sensation they get when someone touches their neck. When you see a woman flip her hair or rub the back of her neck, it means that she's trying to get your attention, while letting you know that she's into you.

Lip Nibbling

The lip nibble can drive you to your knees.  This is an effective sex signal that many submissive women use to show interest in a man. When you see a girl in a club gently grip her lower lip with her teeth, she might be indicating something.

Tilting and Smiling

When a woman smiles at you, she may be signaling that she's open to meeting you. To know if this gesture means she's flirting, observe the crow's feet at the corner of her eyes. If you see them while she's smiling, it probably means she's interested. Crow's feet are signs that someone is genuinely happy. According to studies, people can't control the muscles surrounding their eyes, prompting them to express their true feelings.

The Eyes

Women use different ways to flirt with their eyes, one of which is the sideways glance. When she's sitting beside you, she'll glance at you quickly and then back so you'll notice the action out of the corner of your eyes. If you don't catch it, she'll do it again with a bold move. As you turn to look at her, she'll look back so your eyes meet and give you a sweet smile.

Dilated Pupils

Women's pupils dilate when they're attracted to someone. This is an involuntary physiological response. Try to observe her pupils when she looks at you. If they dilate or grow larger, it could be a sign that she's trying to see as much of you as possible. 

Direction of the Feet

People's feet normally point in the direction they want to go. If a woman's feet are pointed towards you, that's good. This gesture is about focus and interest. When a woman turns her knees, feet, and legs toward you, she's using her body language to show that she's interested in you. It creates a personal space triangle. If you move closer and she doesn't move back, it means she likes it.

Women give many visual clues to show that they like you. It's up to you to understand those gestures. Learn to read between the lines and find the girl of your dreams