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Is She Playing Hard to Get? Don't Chase!

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Women are not exactly too straightforward, especially when it comes to dating. They'll act one way, say something else, and mean something completely different without missing a beat, and expect every guy they meet to keep up. A social nightmare plays out every Saturday night, and the game is showing no signs of changing anytime soon.

The Minefield of Dating
Traversing all the gray areas in the female emotional spectrum is a minefield that no man wants to go through. Nonetheless, it's a necessary evil they need to overcome if they ever want to graduate from exchanging creepily awkward looks to exchanging numbers.

Making dating as tough on guys as possible is one of the founding rules of dating, which is fair as it won't be much of an experience without a little adversity. Not every guy is able to rise up to the challenge, which should only be a problem once you're in your 40s.

They can laugh at all your jokes one minute and completely ignore you the next; she can send a guy all the "right signals" and do the exact opposite of where he thinks the evening is going. There are many horror stories of guys misreading the situation and falling flat on their faces, never to recover.

Only One Way
Some men don't respond well to the misdirections women employ in social settings and react with either anger or a quiet retreat. Both options are incredibly bad, and anyone who goes through such routes will forever be known as a jerk or a wimp. What are the options available to men pursuing women who like playing hard to get?

There really is only one way, and that's to play the game on their terms. Let's face it, women have all the cards in this poker game, and all we're doing is bluffing through every round. So, bluff your way to the pot.

Keep Your Cards Close
Women like the feeling that they're the object of your desire, but drooling all over them will warrant a trip to the dog house. Make your interest apparent, but don't make her the center of your universe immediately. Turn the tables and make her want you to want her.

Don't invest the entire night in pursuing one lady, especially if you don't want to come off as desperate. Women don't respect schmucks, but they do notice independent men who can have fun without gaining anyone else's approval. Be the independent man of her dreams by not caring whether she says yes or no. But, keep an eye on her just in case she changes gears and suddenly wants some alone time.

Substance Over Form
Actions are louder than words, especially in the dating game. Women love intelligence more than anything else, even if they sometimes go home with a brain-dead hunk's head on their arms. But, don't expect her to be impressed by your deep understanding how dark matter reacts with the rest of the universe. No, they're looking for another kind of insight; they want to see how well you know her. But, you just met, how would you know anything about her? That's where your astute powers of observation will come in handy, Sherlock.

Pay attention to what she's doing instead of what she's saying. This will give you a better idea of what she means, and impress her with your insight into the female mind. Not even Aguinaldo can form a better two-pronged strategy.

The best approach a guy can employ though, is to forget about hooking up from the get-go. Men who make going home with a lady their end objective seldom succeed, and only make them bitter and frustrated. Go out to have fun, and if you get lucky on the way, then congratulations, you have a great story to tell the boys in the morning.