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The secret to keeping your crowning glory: Preventing hair loss and loss of confidence

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Our hair is the literal crown on top of our heads. Having a thick mane on our temples has always been associated with youth, masculinity, and strength. But when we start going bald, hair isn't the only thing we start losing. We're also shedding fragments of our confidence. It's probably the one thing we are afraid of because we feel helpless preventing it. After all, what can we do when our body naturally decides to ditch our hair in favor of a shiny noggin?

Fortunately, there are realistic ways we can prevent our heads from shedding any more of our hair (and confidence). You don't necessarily need a degree in trichology to understand male pattern baldness, as sometimes, the reasons are as plain as the hair on our head.

Baldness: Is it a Genetic Thing?

It's easy to assume that male pattern baldness is a genetic thing, especially if our father and grandfather have gone down that road. However, the causes of baldness aren't as simple as one annoying gene passed down through generations. Baldness can come from a variety of sources other than just genetics. Fortunately, these are things we can do something about.The causes ultimately come from different sources, and fortunately for us, we can do something about.

Stress: Our Hair's #1 Enemy

Stress is a leading cause of baldness. There are three main types of baldness associated with stress and they are dependent on how high the levels are.

Telegon effluvium is the most common, and is associated with moderate to high stress levels. When we experience this, stress pushes a large number of our hair follicles away from their resting place, displacing them entirely and causing hair loss. We can tell if this is what we experience if we start brushing or combing our hair and a generous amount of hair falls out. The result is a visibly thinner mane on our heads.

Normally, this is harmless, but it will continue to happen so long as stress levels are high. Fortunately, overcoming stress and doing away with it entirely 'fixes' this problem. Once we've managed our stress levels, our hair will gradually return to normal.

Second, there is Trichotillomania, and this is all mental. This refers to the irresistible urge to pull at our hair, and is usually caused by stress, anxiety, or frustration. This is arguably the least serious of the three since we can technically prevent ourselves from pulling our hair. Just keep your hands to yourselves.

Finally, there's Alopecia areata. This occurs when your stress levels become too high for the body to handle. When we experience this, our immune system starts attacking our own hair follicles, possibly destroying them permanently. It's difficult to tell if we're actually experiencing this or a nuanced version, so our best bet is to consult with a trichologist to figure out the cause and best way to overcome it.

Hair Products - Using The Right One

Apart from stress, the shampoo that we are using may be causing us to involuntary shed locks from our manly mane. This is often due to our scalp getting irritated by the shampoo we use.

There will come a time when we'll run out of our shampoo and eventually, we'll be forced to use another person's hair tonic. Don't give into the temptation, especially if it's your girl's shampoo. Male shampoos and conditioners are specifically designed for scalp care and nourishment, thus helping to prevent hairfall. A female hair product may not give your scalp the necessary nourishment it requires to keep your hair on your head.

Additionally, it's important to stick to one shampoo and conditioner as using different ones can aggravate the scalp. The more the scalp gets 'stressed' because of the different shampoos and conditioners, the more likely our hair will fall out. Dandruff is also a side-product of this!

Lastly, we don't necessarily need to apply shampoo or conditioner every day. Our hair still requires the natural oils our scalp produces and unfortunately, these get washed away when we lather our hair up. Only use shampoo twice or thrice a week as water is usually enough to clean our hair.

Be Brave Against Baldness

While baldness is terrifying, we can do something about it. Even if our family has this unwanted gene running through the bloodline, proper scalp care will help to alleviate the issue and ensure our hair stays on top of our head for as long as possible.

By managing our stress and being smart on how we use our shampoo and conditioners, we can retain the thickness and healthiness of our hair for a long time. Here's to good hair.