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The Scents Women Love, Yet You Can't Necessarily Wear

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM
Scents are the powerful yet understated element of seduction. For thousands of years, people have sprayed, bathed, dabbed, and lathered all manners of substances in the hopes of attracting a potential mate. Appealing to the sense of smell is just human biology at work, and nothing better demonstrates this than the smell of food.

Turns out, the best fragrances are the ones that make your mouth water. A series of studies from Chicago's Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation concluded so, which means the key irresistible scents may have been inside your kitchen cupboard all this time.

Here are some of the appetizing aphrodisiac fragrances you should try out:

It was only in recent decades that medicine was able to significantly distance itself from the its past: the fuzzy, hit-and-miss body of "knowledge" assembled by old people of varying qualifications and sanities across the time. Vanilla is an example of a medical tidbit that narrowly missed the mark. During the 16th century, physicians would prescribe vanilla elixirs to gentlemen experiencing "problems". Centuries later, vanilla's ability to stimulate the sexual propensities of older men remains practiced and proven.

Vanilla being so vanilla makes it the most liked fragrance in the world, and you would be hard pressed to find a woman who cannot appreciate someone who smells like ice cream and marshmallows.

2.Black Licorice
If you're looking for a fragrance more gender-specific than vanilla, then perfume with hint of black licorice is the way to go. Researchers find that the scent of black licorice boosts the female sex drive significantly, and are compatible with a range of other fragrances. Men who wish to create a more old-fashioned scent may combine black licorice with cucumber. Those looking to double down on the sweet factor may pair black licorice with a cola fragrance.

This spice made from the inner bark of Cinnamomum trees is popular for its unique scent and flavor. What most people don't know is that cinnamon is capable of improving cholesterol metabolism, removing artery-damaging free radicals from the blood, and improving function of blood vessels. Speaking of those, a single drop of cinnamon oil can do wonders to penile blood flow.
4.Pumpkin Pie
While pumpkin itself is an effective aphrodisiac scent, the most significant results lie in the dessert that harnesses the fragrant powers of vanilla and cinnamon. Studies show that the smell of pumpkin pie can increase a man's blood flow down there by as much as 40%, with women responding at 11%. Paired with the scent of donuts (for some reason), pumpkin pie enhances penile blood flow by 20%.

5.Banana Nut Bread
The ultimate fragrance to prompt female arousal turns out to be something people would never assume and perfume companies never bothered utilizing. The exceedingly specific blend of ripe bananas, walnuts, and vanilla make for a highly effective baked treat smell. One can even substitute the walnuts for almonds, since the latter possesses even greater aphrodisiac qualities.
We're not telling you to go out and rub spices, candies, and baked goods on your skin; there are ways to put these scents forward without actually wearing them. Finding a way to serve foods, preferably hot and homemade, is an excellent way of practically creating and inhaling love in the air.