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Of Salaries and Opportunities: High-Paying Career Paths in the PHL

by Money Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

News stories have been all over it: the Philippine economy is in good shape. For investors and businessmen, pretty soon the country would be synonymous to a resilient, investment-worthy nation.

Of course, this doesn't always have the same impression for professionals. Although businesses highlight the noticeable improvement of the economy, thousands of Filipinos remain in search for that career path where it's possible to achieve self-fulfillment and provide for their families.

So, where exactly can such an ideal career path exist? Of course, the search begins with high-paying industries in the country. Survey statistics from JobStreet.com and the Department of Labor and Employment reveal which sectors provide fat paychecks for different demographics. So far, these are the findings:

For Junior Executives
Junior executives, or those who have been in the workforce for one to four years, are some of the most anxious about the career paths they're taking. After all, they're still in thae adjustment period post-college.

Fortunately, data show that jobs from non-governmental organizations (United Nations, labor organizations, etc.), the utilities sector, the IT industry, the business process outsourcing sector, and the oil and gas carry hefty paychecks with them. Mining, banking, and the media are also part of the list. For this demographic, the average salary range is at Php 18,800 to Php 26,000.

For Supervisors
Supervisors have their own set of opportunities waiting for them, too. Similar to the data for junior executives, industries on top of the list include utilities, NGOs, IT, BPO, oil and gas, and banking and finance. There are, however, other sectors that provide decent salaries, such as the hotel industry, advertising, telecommunications, and fast-moving consumer goods. The salary here averages at around Php 27,000 to Php 50,000.

For Managers
Managers have quite a variety of options when it comes to high-paying career paths. At the top of the list is the oil and gas industry, a mainstay in most lists given the importance of oil in the global economy. Behind it are the utilities, industrial, and IT sectors.  Business process outsourcing, a major driving force in today's economy, is also part of the list, as well as manufacturing, logistics, insurance, biotechnology, and fast-moving consumer goods.  The salaries for these opportunities, on average, range from Php 48,000 to Php 75,000 per month.

Research figures show which industries are "hot" at the moment when it comes to salaries and opportunities. Now, these industries simply provide different options for career paths where the salaries are decent enough to pay for the bills, have some savings, and finance the occasional luxuries. You would still need to arm yourself with the necessary training and skills to maintain a career in any of these industries. As for the notion of fulfillment, only you can decide on that.

Landing a job in an industry where you can thrive is one thing, but finding real success in it is another. To borrow oft-used pieces of advice for the younger generation, pursue your passion and follow your heart. In the end, it all boils down to the things you're passionate about, because no hefty salary can match the joy that comes from fulfillment with what you do.