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The Rise of the Beta Male: Geeky is the New Cool

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Not too long ago, the geeks are pretty much the technology enthusiasts, the intellectuals - and "the undesirable" among their peers. You see them in their trademark large black-rimmed glasses and their unmistakable awkward fashion sense. It's not surprising that they appear weird to most people, since they spend the entire day sitting in front of a PC or a laptop, and they barely have enough time to actually socialize, party, and go shopping for fashionable clothes.

It seemed like turning our heads about how we perceive them could be the basis for comedy.

Things have changed. The intellectuals have won at last.

"Geek Chic" Fashion
Just look around you - shirts with the proud words "GEEK" or "NERD" in that big serif typeface are everywhere. Justin Timberlake and other local celebrities are even adopting geeky fashion with those bow ties, suspenders, and large specs.

People are admiring the geeks for their brains despite their lack of sociability and fashion sense, and have turned their "style disaster" into something more tasteful.

Geeks are the Currency of the Information Age
We are embracing geek culture. Even computer games and PlayStations are more popular than ever. Discussions and online forums we see about how to beat the bad guys is no longer taboo. Everyone is waiting eagerly for the next PlayStation to be out, and be the first hands to play on it. We worship the most popular geeks, such as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft's Bill Gates, and Apple's Steve Jobs for their innovations.

People depend so much on the skills of those who know how technology works and how to make their gadgets work. The emerging big picture? Geeks are cool.

Geeks are Winning in the Dating Game
Women are tired of the rebellious cool guys. They are tired of the cheaters, the ones their mothers hate, and the ones their friends envy. They are fed up with men who think the basketball team is more important than their relationship.

This big news may already seem obvious to you: more women are starting to date geeks. Sure, not every woman likes geeks, but as a general rule, they very much do, especially now that these geeks are experiencing something like a golden age. Ever since the stars of The Big Bang Theory are cast as brilliant nerds and Michael Cera became the leading guy in Juno, women started thinking about the geeky guys they often overlook. And it wasn't so long ago that being a geek means spending your days unpacking PlayStations instead of unhooking bras.

Geeks, unlike others, are generally true to themselves. They are not a pretentious bunch. They'd rather be unpopular and be who they really are than to sell out themselves and live in approval of others, which is why women love them.

Once upon a time, geeks were the butt of jokes. Today, "geeky" is a positive term. Things have changed.

Geeks are the new cool.