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The Rainbow After the Rain: How Yolanda Changed Us

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

It has been almost three long weeks since Yolanda, the strongest typhoon in the world's history, struck the central part of the Philippine archipelago. The evidence of destruction is still present, and the traces of terror and solitude are still present on every victim's face. The super typhoon engulfed the central Philippines with winds reaching 235 mph and unprecedented storm surges, which caused numerous lives lost, severely damaged properties and infrastructure, and countless injuries. Until today, thousands of Filipinos are still missing, while most of the survivors remain homeless.

Many things have changed, but the victims are still hoping and willing to stand up and move on. There may be thousands of casualties, but the true Filipino spirit is alive. You're blessed enough to witness the effort the world is exerting to help our kababayans recover from Yolanda's aftermath. Learn how she changed the victims' lives and how she made the people of different races unite.

She redefined the landscapes.

Yolanda is no doubt the strongest typhoon that struck the country. You'll see how she ruined the paradise-like landscapes by looking at the before and after shots taken by satellites orbiting the Earth. The once green meadows turned into brown as mud covered them. A densely populated coastal area like Tacloban is now a destroyed city, an apocalyptic graveyard marked with devastated houses, uprooted trees, and rubble.

She strengthened the people's faith.

Filipinos have a strong faith in God. No problem, challenge, or calamity will keep them from holding on and believing in their Creator. Yolanda may have destroyed and disrupted the lives of the victims, but not their faith. The survivors still look forward to a brighter future with the help of God's grace.

She changed the Filipino's perspective on life.

Yolanda has probably changed many of the Pinoys' perspective on life. They have truly understood the value of life – that it's too short and they should make each day count and living it as if it's their last. They have realized the importance of effective leadership, unconditional generosity, and true service.

She brought out the people's "bayanihan" spirit.

You've heard about the term bayanihan, for sure. Yolanda brought out that spirit of sharing and helping in every Filipino's heart. Men and women, children and adult, rich and poor, have gathered all the things they could share. Many relief centers were filled with bags containing food and water, clothing, and other personal necessities.

She changed many people's lives negatively.

Achieving zero casualties is one of the main goals of the Philippine government. Preparations seemed insufficient because many people still lost their lives and those of their loved ones. Thousands of Filipinos from the most affected areas are now homeless. Many found shelter in evacuation centers, while few families started rebuilding their houses, hoping to regain their normal lives.

She brought out the good in people.

Filipinos are kind and generous in nature. Being hospitable and sharing what they have is part of their culture and traditions. Yolanda has brought out the good in people. Many Pinoys did their part in the nationwide drive to collect relief items. Some volunteered their time to help in the efforts. She has helped restore our faith in humanity.

Other than that, many countries massively donated cash, food, clothing and other supplies to the victims. Private citizens, celebrities, and organizations all over the world did their part to raise funds and donate to different charities currently doing relief operations in the country. This tragedy has strongly broken divides and barriers, and has shown people have innately good hearts.

November 8 may be the end for many who died; but for those who survived, it's the start of their new lives, the birth of their new hopes, and the rise of a better future. Filipinos are brave and strong. They'll keep saying, "Kayang-kaya basta't sama-sama, nagtutulungan, at may pananalig sa Diyos!"