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Rain-Proofing Your Style This Wet Season

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Ah, the rainy season. It's the perfect time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate (or a snifter of brandy) while watching your favorite TV series on marathon. Cuddling with your ladylove is a lot better when the temperature drops and the day's soundtrack is the rain beating on your roof.  But these are only good when you're at home. What if you need to go out?

There are times when we despise the rainy season, such as when we're off to work or to attend an event that is unfortunately met with rain and chilly winds. Things get more difficult if we have to take public transportation. In addition to these problems, choosing what to wear also becomes quite a challenge.


We've listed some tips on how to nail that rainy day style without making you lose your sartorial elegance.

The Key Pieces

It's cold, so it's wise to layer your clothing. For smart casuals, make your trusty Oxford shirt the base. If you want a more convenient option, a cotton polo shirt can do the trick. Cover it up with a plain pullover or a cardigan. Make sure that the fabric of your pullover or cardigan is thick enough to keep you warm, but thin enough to keep you from sweating. Finish the upper ensemble with a water-resistant blazer. If you want a more laid-back feel, you may go for a lightweight waxed denim jacket or a windbreaker (navy blue is a good color).   

When it comes to pants, you may want to choose thinner fabrics. Heavy denims run the risk of getting heavy when they get wet. Chinos are a good and flexible option. But if you want to feel warmer, you can always go for corduroy pants. Choose the pair with thin ribs for a sleek impression.

Your Shoes

The first rule when it comes to shoes is, make sure there are no holes in them. Otherwise, your socks will get soaked in rainwater, which may make your feet smelly and expose them to germs. Reconsider your decision to wear suede and leather shoes during this season, as moisture can weaken the integrity of the material, thus making your shoes prone to damage.

If you have to wear leather shoes, go for a pair with rubber soles. Shoes with rubber soles provide a great grip on the wet pavement. There are brogues, trainers, and loafers that have rubberized soles. But if you want to give your leather shoes the best protection, cover them with galoshes. They may compromise your style, but you can always take them off once you're inside the building.  Should your leather shoes get soaked in a puddle, do not attempt to dry them with a hair blower or any form of heater. Otherwise, you're speeding up the material's damage.  


Finish your entire ensemble with a bag and an umbrella. When it comes to bags, always go for a smaller and compact one. We recommend using waxed canvas bag for a more stylish option. Your umbrella is about utility, so go for a simple yet durable one.  To appear gentlemanly, bring a black or navy blue umbrella with a curved handle.

The wet season may seem like the wrong time to dress up. The weather is already gloomy, so why would you resort to looking somber and uninteresting? Rainy days should not be an excuse not to look good.