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Quick (or Last-Minute) Father's Day Gift Ideas

by The editors
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

- Treating your folks out on Father's Day is an oldie but a goodie. Pick a restaurant that means something to your dad. Have your parents go on a date night, or take your dad out about town. If he's a homebody, then have a chef cook dinner (one who specializes in his favorite dish is a plus) and enjoy the meal sans phones and tablets.

- Give him a day of pampering and grooming at the barbershop. You can start off with a haircut, then a clean shave. Throw in a Manicure and Pedicure. Then top it off with a body massage (if they offer this service; you can also treat him to the works at a spa).

- A Fitbit Flex (from fitbit.com, roughly PhP4300): This tiny device keeps track of your Dad's physical activities (and his sleeping habits). It comes in a small, waterproof bracelet and automatically beams the stats to your Dad's smartphone. He never has to take it off!

- Get him a Blu-ray player and a copy of Die Hard. Or his favorite James Bond movie. Or The Dirty Dozen.

- If your dad's a gamer, how about an Ouya? (www.ouya.tv., approx. PhP4300) This is a tiny box with big dreams. Just recently released, it's actually a small Android gaming console with a full-fledged controller. It's got an NVidia Tegra 3 processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB storage, expandable via USB. It downloads your games, and transmits them at 1080p on your TV. Every game is free to try. Great, inexpensive, open-platform gaming for Dad and the whole family!

- A subscription to his favorite magazine. The convenience of having it delivered to your home will be a boon.

- The Beatles (Original Studio Recordings) box set. Best of all, you can borrow it.

- That set of clubs he's been eyeing. This may gouge out the wallet, but for some dads, few things make their eyes go wide than a new set of golf clubs.

- Bring him to your tailor and get him fitted for a nice jacket. Make sure he's comfortable and looks sharp as a tack.