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Quick Fixes to Keep Yourself Fresh and Dry Every Day

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

There will be days that you simply feel lethargic, while in certain days you feel terrible-looking (and smelling). Or, God forbid, you might feel both. You know that feeling, right?

That feeling when even after you take a bath, you feel like all the grime and dirt in the world is still sticking on your skin and causing you to stink. We have those days when no matter how hard we try, we just can't smell or even feel clean; and it isn't restricted to Mondays.

So how do you keep yourself feeling fresh and dry every day?

Everyday Routine
We always poke fun at how women take too long in the shower, but it's actually us guys who should be spending more time cleaning ourselves. Remember that we tend to have larger sweat glands than women, so you can bet that we're going to sweat and start stinking more than they will.

Staying fresh and dry 24/7 starts the minute you step into the shower and start preparing for the day. Most of us think it's a no-brainer to take a quick bath and get on with the day, but think again, boys. Keep these tips in mind so that you can keep yourself feeling fresh every day:

  • Get an antibacterial soap or cleanser. The thing that's causing the stink in our sweat isn't actually the sweat - it's the bacteria feeding off it and mixing with dead skin cells. Disgusting, right? Make sure to have an antibacterial soap handy on top of the moisturizing soap. Using this strips away all that dirt, bacteria and everything else that might be clinging onto our skin. Don't overuse it, though, as you may end up irritating your skin.
  • Wash your hair religiously. We tend to just lather and rinse our hair in a matter of seconds, but that won't do if you want to keep smelling great throughout the entire day. A smelly scalp is as off-putting as B.O. Make sure to spend extra time massaging your hair as you wash it so that you get rid of any dirt, debris, or dead skin cells sticking to it.
  • Use a deodorant before heading out. You may be tempted to just lather on some cologne or your choice scents, but that won't mask the stink of your body for long. Using a deodorant doesn't prevent you from sweat (which isn't always a bad thing), but it does neutralize the smell and prevent bacteria from feeding off it.

So to keep fresh and dry throughout the day, don't forget to apply some deodorant! Try to find one with antiperspirant properties if you're worried about sweating excessively.
Quick Fixes and Life Hacks
We've already covered the major reminders to stay fresh, but here are some other minor things you can do to smell and feel good throughout the day:

  • Wear breathable fabrics - especially when the weather starts becoming warmer. Even if you need to dress up formally, it would pay to have a cotton shirt underneath so that when you do get a chance to dress down, you won't feel hot and sticky.
  • Wash your face when you feel hot. Sometimes, a quick wash is all you need to keep cool. If you feel extra sweaty and uncomfortable, but can't exactly take a shower in the middle of work or school, just wash your face so you can cool down.
  • Ditch the sodas and sugary drinks in favor of good old H20. You don't know it, but drinking tons of sodas may actually affect how much you sweat. Additionally, the sweat itself may begin to smell and feel different if you drink sugary soft drinks in excess. Water keeps you hydrated and healthy at the same time.

Keeping yourself fresh and dry every day doesn't require a drastic lifestyle change as all it entails is adding an extra step or two in your daily routine. Keep these tips and quick fixes in mind so that you smell good and feel great throughout the entire day.