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Pure and Clean: The White Dress Shirt

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Clean and crisp white dress shirts prove that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. These clothing items make us realize that minimalism can speak volumes.

The possibilities with the white dress shirt are endless. We can wear them to corporate lunches and even Friday night-outs. Roll the sleeves up and we already have something for the weekend. With the right suit, it will surely render us dapper and preppy. As an empty canvas, it will still look good on its own. The white dress shirt is simply one of the building blocks of the guy style.

And this is why every man should have a white dress shirt or two in his wardrobe. But before we stock up on this style commodity, there are a few things we need to keep in mind.



The Fabric

White dress shirts come in many different fabrics. And each of them is used for different occasions and in combination with other fabrics.

For those who favor the classics, cotton is the top choice. As its texture is fine, it can easily suit other types of fabric. It efficiently absorbs heat and keeps our body comfortable.

For some of us who are on a budget but still want to don a quality shirt, synthetic fiber is the go-to alternative. Dress shirts that use this fabric is more suitable for office wear. The downside of this fabric is that it is not as durable as cotton.

And now for the subsets, we have broadcloth, twill, and chambray. These fabrics can be a combination of cotton or synthetic threads. Broadcloth is the most appropriate pick for those who want to achieve a spruced-up look. Twill pretty much works like broadcloth. Chambray dress shirts, on the other hand, have this distinct denim feel, but it is safe to wear them with a tie and a blazer.  

The Shirt Fit

The fit of the shirt can make or break our sartorial ensemble. The usual problem with ready-to-wear dress shirts is that they are designed and constructed to fit an average body built. What we need to do is find a brand that knows your size. If no shop passes, it will be more practical to commission a reliable tailor.

But how do we determine the right shirt fit?

Wear the shirt first. Button everything from bottom to top. Put two fingers inside the space between the neck and the collar. If they do not fit, the shirt is too small. If there is still room for more than three fingers, the shirt is too big.

The length of the sleeve should not cover half of your hand. The shoulder seam should end where the shoulder ends. The armhole should be high enough, but should still facilitate easy movement. The length of the torso should not give more than 3 inches of fabric when slight movements, such as bending or raising a hand, pull the shirt.

Do away with skin-tight shirts. But for those who want to highlight their toned physique, slim fit shirts make the perfect choice.

On Undershirts and Ties

We need to be careful when it comes to our undershirt choices. When wearing a thin dress shirt, we need to veer away from colored ones. White undershirts may be the best choice, but that is not always the case. There are some occasions where the white undershirt is visible through the thin dress shirt. Our best bet is a gray shirt as they easily blend with the skin. We need to make sure that the collar of the undershirt will not appear if we unbutton the top button.

As the white dress shirt is flexible, we can easily pair it up with any colored accessory. Start with the tie. This does not have to be expensive, but we should see to it that it will look appropriate. Some lads may be drawn to shiny choices, but they are too dressy and a bit inflexible. In this regard, textured ties create a rugged and yet sophisticated statement.  We should also not forget the width and length of the tie. As a rule of thumb, the tip of the tie should not cover the belt. Ideally, it should only graze your belt. Skinny ties work best for those who want to adopt a more modern look. Thicker ties, on the other hand, should go with spread collar shirts.

The white dress shirt is the king of all shirts. Its timelessness and versatility should be enough reasons to have them in your wardrobe.