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Pocket-Friendly, Romantic Date Ideas Every Man Should Know

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Romantic dates mean a lot to women, especially if you go the extra mile and make an effort to surprise them. Perhaps you're planning on taking her to one of the many famous romantic destinations in the country. You're willing to spend part of your savings just to make the trip special for both of you, but does a date really have to cost that much?

There's nothing wrong with spending more for someone you love so dearly; maybe it's your way of showing how special she is. Did you know, though, that you can get the same level of enjoyment and satisfaction even if you're on a rather tight budget? These pocket-friendly date ideas will help you impress your girl and rekindle your relationship without having to travel long hours or spend too much for accommodations.

Sunset for Two

Sure, you know about the famous Manila Bay; but do you know about all the new activities you could do there? Ever hear about the hour-long Sunset Cruise, complete with dinner that makes for more romantic evenings? The boat ticket comes with a free meal, plus a heartwarming serenade from a live band. It's might sound like something plain and simple, but the serenity of the open sea can be a rewarding experience. More than just food and live music, you also get spectacular views of the Manila skyline at night.

Cook-off for the Foodies

Asking a girl out on a date is a way to get more time to know her better. If you're both foodies at heart, then a cooking showdown will bring out the 'chefs' in you. Take her to the grocery store and shop for ingredients together. You can either prepare a meal for each other or cook your favorite dish together. Spending time in the kitchen easily beats wandering around the mall for hours figuring out where to eat. More than just saving money, hanging out at home and in the kitchen is a more intimate experience - perfect for getting to know each other.

A Nature Trip

Cheer her up by taking her on a romantic excursion outside the city. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to book a flight to Baguio up in the North, or Boracay or Palawan down South. There are many great places just a couple of hours away from Manila that you can get to by land. For example, Batangas is an accessible gateway that boasts many romantic beaches - Laiya, Tali, and Punta Fuego just to name a few. The choice is really up to you.

Another destination just an hours' drive away is Tagaytay. The cool temperatures and scenic views of the Taal Lake and volcano will surely leave you both breathless, even if just for a while. Set aside a little money for some fun like ziplining at Picnic Grove or bulalo at one of the many famous little eateries in the city. 

A summertime date doesn't have to cost too much. With proper planning and a little creativity, you can share romantic moments with the girl who owns your heart. Take time to read, think, and explore the Web. You'll surely find loads of other ideas that don't need big budgets.