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Pinoy Ninja Moves: Practical Days to File Your Vacation Leaves in 2015

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

When talking about the most diligent people in the world, Filipinos are always a part of the list. It comes natural for the locals of the Pearl of the Orient to do everything for a better life. Some even take two or more jobs just to sustain the needs of their family, while others would travel abroad to seek better job opportunities.

As too much work causes the body to weaken, sufficient rest is rightfully needed. Book III, Chapter III of the Labor Code of the Philippines tackles this matter, as it covers the right of employees for Service Incentive Leaves. Vacation leave credits allow you to get paid despite being absent from work.

You can basically file it on any date, although there are some companies that implement house rules in regard to filing. Vacation leaves serve as a ticket to your favored long weekend rests, but is relatively limited. Whether you plan to just stay and snooze at home or go on a trip to the shores of white-sand beaches, you have to map out each leave carefully to make the most of it.

The Philippines has a number regular and special holidays you can look forward to. Knowing which exact date each holiday falls under will help you decide when to wisely file for your vacation leave. As the number of credits given to an employee is limited to at least five per year, proper planning is essential.

Malacañang recently released the list of holidays for 2015. As expected, there are 10 regular holidays and seven special non-working days. This amounts to about 13 long weekends for the whole year.

In January, New Year's Day falls on a Thursday, giving you a long weekend until the 4th as the day after the holiday is declared a special day. If you will be spending New Year in the province, might as well file a leave on the 5th to extend your vacation and avoid the influx of people going back to the city.

Chinese New Year, meanwhile, is also on a Thursday, February 19. But the day after is not considered a special day, which is why you have to file on the 20th for a long weekend. Valentine's Day is a Saturday. If you are planning to go on a romantic weekend trip, spend the credit instead on Friday the 13th.

There is no probable long weekend in March, as no holiday is scheduled for the month. April, on the other hand, has two consecutive long weekends. The Holy Week starts on the 2nd, Thursday, and goes on until the 5th, Sunday. Araw ng Kagitingan, meanwhile, also falls on a same day. Filing on the 10th, Friday, gives you another long weekend until the 12th.

Labor Day, which is the sole holiday in May, falls on a Friday. You can either file on April 30 or May 4 to extend your vacation. This situation is alike to June, when Filipinos celebrate Independence Day on the 12th, Friday. Eid'l Fitr on July 17 is also a Friday, but the date is still an estimate and yet to be confirmed.

The 21st and 31st of August falls next to a weekend. Ninoy Aquino Day is a Friday, giving you two options to file on the 20th or the 24th. National Heroes Day, meanwhile, is a Monday, so you either choose the 28th or the 1st of September. Similar to Eid'l Fitr, Eidul Adha on September 24 is yet to be definite, but you can file on the 25th, which is a Friday.

As October does not have holidays, you may look forward to All Saints Day, which falls on a Sunday, spoiling you one free no-work day. Some companies, though, consider All Souls Day on the 2nd as a special holiday. If you will be visiting your loved ones in the province, better file a vacation leave on the 2nd and 3rd. November 30 is Bonifacio Day, which is on a Monday. The 27th or December 1st is a good day to file a leave.

December, the busiest month of the year, is probably the best time to spend your credits. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are on a Thursday and Friday, respectively. Rizal Day and New Year's Eve, meanwhile, are on a Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, of the following week. To complete the longest weekend of the year, you can file a leave on the 28th and 29th for a total of eleven consecutive holiday vacation dates.

Take note that the rainy season spans from June all the way to November. Just hope that no typhoon will hit the country on the date you intend to use a leave credit, to avoid wasting it.