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Pimple Popping: Pleasure or Pain?

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

There are a lot of unsightly things in this world: bad fashion, overly "pimped-out" cars, a dead toenail, and a big pimple on an otherwise handsome face. Looking at the mirror and seeing that pimple looking right back at you just puts a damper on your plans of seizing the day. How could you, with all the pubescent name-calling you'll probably get from friends and colleagues?

Although pimples are a common skin problem, they just irritatingly seem to emerge at the worst possible time. How do you face your team or your clients in a meeting with a swollen bump on your forehead or nose? Are they listening to your thought-provoking ideas or just thinking about that prominent pimple?

To pop or not to pop

While it is true that there are worse problems to have than pimples, there's no reason anyone should live with them. They detract from your image. Be honest–when you see a person with lots of pimples you probably think that they're a slob with bad dietary and cleaning habits.

All the more reason for you to just want to pop the problem away. Although popping pimples may seem like an effective solution, you may just be making things worse. Putting the squeeze on a pimple may remove the gunk that's inside, but some of that would also be driven down into the deeper parts of the skin. Your pimple popping may just give rise to something worse, like the formation of even more pimples or a permanent scar on your face.

While nobody wants to live with pimples, going at them savagely is not the solution. Proper hygiene and, most importantly, patience are the secrets to effectively dealing with them.

Good things come to those who waita

The best way to manage a pimple is to take a cue from The Beatles and to just let it be. Remember, it's an inflamed, angry blemish on your skin. Irritating it will just cause more damage. Letting it be doesn't mean doing nothing, however. It means taking a more gentle approach.

Pimples form when pores are blocked by dirt and oil. Controlling these factors with specially formulated facial washes and cleansers is a great way to prevent pimples from emerging in the first place. Even when already dealing with pimples, regular cleaning is still the best approach. 

Keeping your face dirt and oil free supports the skin's natural healing process in resolving pimples. Just make sure to wash properly–lukewarm water is best, and make sure to also rinse commonly neglected areas like near the ears and below the chin. With the right care, you can speed up the time for pimples to go away, which usually takes anywhere from a couple of days to a week.

It may take a great amount of self-control to resist the temptation to pop pimples, but those who are at the top of their game know that mastery of the self is the key to success. Be strong, patient and regularly clean your face so you won't even have to worry about pimples in the first place.