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On Philippine Selfielogy: Are We Taking Selfies a Bit Far?

by Tech Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

In a special world ranking by Time Magazine, it apparently turned out that the Philippines had another title to be proud of; the cities of Pasig and Makati are deemed as the world's selfie capitals. While some may joke that the nation's newest jam will further cement our place in the map, a number of conservatives may be ambivalent about this, with the notion that doing this has narcissistic overtones (obviously). But if you're someone who's inseparable from his camera or whatnot, you'll likely stick with the first case and further argue that even Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and Rembrandthad their own selfies. It's easy to admit that selfies are already hardwired into our culture.

It will only take a duration of seconds to see the volume of selfies streaming on your social media feed. One friend takes a picture of himself while flexing his biceps, while your sister has had the usual business of posing for the camerain her classy dress and labeling the photo with #OOTD afterwards. The selfie variations are endless, but have we asked ourselves this one thing: are we already taking it too far?



Last year, the Philippine National Police released a memorandum that mandates policemen to refrain from taking selfies in the Yolanda-rampaged places. This was after hearing that some police officers had posted them on social media. So what can you make out of it? Rather insensitive.

Maybe, we're taking it a bit too far. It's extremely sad to hear that it even made way for the demise of a high school student. If these aren't enough to prove that most of us are taking it a step beyond the usual, scour your social media feed and chances are, you may see an acquaintance doing it in the bathroom, which is supposed to be a place for doing your private deeds (the most common, anyway).You might have seen a friend clad in a hospital gown smiling awkwardly in a mirror selfie. Worse still is seeing someone who does it at a funeral.

Despite what the statistics show us, we're still too conservative to take photos with a level of absurdity that is already indescribable.The answer is "maybe."  Maybe now is the right time to reassess our definition of self-portrait.

Pondering on Selfies
What do some people think when they decide to snap a photo of themselves? Some may say for posterity, as moments are always fleeting. Some may explain, "I want to see if I look good" or "I want to see which angle works best." You may also mention "It's my ultimate hobby."

We can't dismiss the truth that we need a healthy self-image, which is important in the social world. And that we may validate by taking a picture of ourselves. The thought that doing selfies is narcissistic doesn't apply to all cases. The danger of taking selfies only manifests when you tie your entire self-worth to the likes and comments you receive.

Generally, taking selfies is healthy and normal. After all, even the greatest people in history did have one of them. But if you believe you're already feeling any symptom of Carpal tunnel syndrome, it's time to accept that some moderation won't hurt.