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Personalities in Ties

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

A necktie is so much more than just a strip of fabric you struggle to knot neatly under your collar. It's an essential part of a man's ensemble that can make you look distinguished. Ties come in almost every conceivable pattern and shade, and in an array of materials. Each tie style also says something different about you and your lifestyle.

Whether you've always wanted to be a pop star or an executive, look for the tie that matches your true inner self with these options:

Boss or Coach Tie

Motivate your team or colleagues with a bright tie that can earn you their respect and cooperation. If you're a company executive with days jam-packed full of meetings, and work lunches and dinners, wear a tie that looks classy, but not outlandish. For instance, wear ties with dark neutral colors with fine prints that can take you from day to night. With these pieces, you will look good while closing a big deal.

If you want to have the air of a winner or a leader, wear a tie with an upbeat color and pattern with a basic suit. Wearing a color that inspires you can spread that feeling to everyone around you.

Frat Boy Tie

Preppy with a splash of sloppy, this college classic typically comes in stripes and conservative colors, and rarely tied tightly or straight. To look cool instead of hungover, wear an ironed coordinating button-down, and then go for dark-washed denims and loafers.

Hipster Tie

Made popular by the Beatles in the late 1950s, the skinny tie has become a hipster staple for formal wear. To add a hipster touch to an otherwise simple ensemble, add a skinny tie to the mix. After all, you're not entering a court room anytime soon, so don't listen to Harvey Specter of Suits fame when he says "No skinny ties."

Office Tie

Even though the classic workplace tie may seem as dull as a desk job, with the right fabric and color coordination, you can liven up your 9 to 5.
For a fun office tie that can get you kudos from your colleagues, wear a bright, colorful tie. Make sure to tone down the wacky, however.

Paisley Tie

Classic, but with a touch of attitude, this tie is both elegant and voguish. When wearing this tie, pair it with a neutral suit and colorful pocket square, to spice things up.

Party Tie

For a tie that can make you the life of the party, go with a festive and  fun color, like pink. Wearing a bright, colorful tie can make you look put together and show off your personality at the same time.

Pop Star Tie

Like we've seen so far, pops stars can pretty much wear almost anything they want. If you want to look like a glam rocker, wear a glitzy tie. Be prepared to receive lots of attention, however, especially if you wear another accent piece to match.

Wedding Tie

From black or white bow ties to regular neutral-colored silk ties, formal ties for weddings can come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles. Before heading to the wedding, check the dress code.

Feature Tie

If you've always wanted to hear someone telling you how your tie really brings out your eyes, wear a tie that brings them out. If you want to show off your  hairstyle or skin color, go for ties that can accentuate your favorite feature. As a tip, try them out in front of a mirror. Whatever makes your favorite feature pop is the perfect choice.

Neckties don't have to limit how you can look. They don't always have to be so formal. You can wear them anytime, anywhere, and for any occasion, and be as casual or as dignified as you want.