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Panget is the New Pogi: Attracting Her Beyond Your Looks

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Falling in love with the perfect girl is a tough row to hoe, especially if you consider yourself ugly.

She looks like an angel; has an FHM cover girl body; is probably a daughter of some business tycoon; has a taste for adventure; plays great in sports; and is a graduate of a prominent school. Here you are, feeling like insignificant standing next to her in your imagination. Deep inside, you know your intentions are pure, but your acne mark-filled face, big nose, beer belly, and crooked teeth are all in the way to compete against the tall and good-looking guys on her radar.

Being panget, by Filipino standards, is a hard life to live. Beautiful women are automatically out of your league, as if you're only destined to a female version of you. Everybody wants to make you believe that your face is a liability. The world tells you that your imperfections are enough reason to doubt yourself on ever being with your princess.

All these only hold true if you say "yes" to them. Sure, a handsome face makes everything much easier to approach girls and score a date, but your looks are just fine. What you need is to develop the right personality.
If you're one the miserable panget guys with zero self-esteem and have decided to take a bold move to change their fates, here are some nuggets to step up your game:

Grooming is Paramount
Face value is merely an issue as long as you know how to present yourself properly. Women would rather talk to an average guy dressed in a clean collared shirt, denims, and a pair of canvas shoes than a Dingdong Dantes on a worn out basketball jersey, pambahay shorts, and Havaianas knockoffs.

Many men don't give proper grooming the importance that it deserves, thinking that they need designer labels to dress nice. The truth is, you don't need to burn your pocket to look decent; all you need is to have a set of clothing in good condition; keep your facial hair in check; don a hairdo that suits well with your appearance; and make sure to stay smelling sweet. Being presentable would suffice to convince any girl to treat you nicely.

Limiting Beliefs Have to Go
Everyone has some kind of limiting beliefs that has been a hindrance toward experience and success. While your limiting beliefs about approaching beautiful women are not actually true, as long as you believe they are enough to paralyze you from doing something.

A renowned pickup artist said that the best way to disapprove such ideas is to think if there was ever one time your limiting belief didn't turn out the way it is. If you believe that no beautiful women would talk to you, and you could name one instance that they did, then that belief is only a monster living in your mind.

Strength Sparks Attraction
Strength is an attractive masculine quality to women. You don't necessarily have to be physically strong, but you must possess the ability to make females feel safe and secure. Even if you're not rich, showing that you have goals in life and the goal to achieve them are a powerful tool for attraction.

Sense of Humor Makes Sense
Women get attracted to men who can make them laugh. A good sense of humor can lighten up the mood and make females feel at ease with your company. Being humorous is an art; if you're not someone who can tickle a woman's funny bone naturally, make an effort to study the craft. Learn basic jokes to delivery and watch yourself become a fun conversationalist.

Rejection on the grounds of having an unpleasant appearance is just a state of mind. Use these tips to equip yourself with additional social muscle and develop an attractive identity. Build some confidence, be persistent, and stay consistent. With this attitude, you could become socially fearless to approach any woman you fancy.