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The Outdoorsy Guy's Guide to Skin Care

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

The outdoorsy guy follows his own rules as he is a different breed who wants to soak up as much sun as he can on a hiking trail or on the surfboard. However, just because we love nature does not mean we abandon keeping our skin healthy. For us, certain skin care tips will keep us looking fresh even after exploring the great outdoors.

Choose the Appropriate Sun Block

A tan is nice to look at as it displays the cuts and tone we worked so hard for, spending hours in the gym to look good on the beach. However, too much sun is bad for our health as it may lead to skin diseases and potentially cause cancer.

When we explore some of the mountains in Batangas or Benguet, or swim in the beautiful beaches of Palawan or Boracay, we need to have the appropriate sun block. The sweat or long hours in the water will remove the sun block we just lathered an hour or so ago.

Choose a product that is water-resistant to keep the lather on for hours in the water or soaking in sweat midday during a climb. The sun block prevents sun burns and damaged skin after riding cloud 9 or conquering the peak of another mountain.

To reduce the amount of chemicals you put on your skin, wear a hat or a rash guard to naturally protect your skin from sun exposure.

Keep Bugs Out

Exploring a mountain or cave will take you through forested areas where bugs are prevalent. These bugs may leave nasty bug marks and bites on your skin, if you lack the proper protection. A night or two camping on the beach or mountain will also expose you to all sorts of bugs.

Before you go on your weekend getaway, make sure to bring bug repellant. Choose a product that uses natural ingredients as it is better for our skin and health as we enjoy the wilderness. If we get bug bites, we must not over-scratch or pick at it as it may turn into a scar that is similar to a post-acne mark.

Stay Hydrated

Your skin needs hydration to stay healthy, even if we are not doing anything, more so when we explore the great outdoors. Even if we hike in the shade, our body will lose water and will need hydration because of the combination of activities and sunshine. We also need to drink enough water for swimming and surfing activities.

Drinking water is good; however, we also need to eat our water. Bring fruits and vegetables for our out of town trip as the cellular structure of these contain water that provides hydration for a longer period of time.


Simply washing our face with water and soap is not enough as these tend to dry our skin. Washing with hot water opens our pores and lets moisture content escape. This dries our skin and makes it less elastic and thinner. Lack of proper moisturizing may lead to premature aging such as the appearance of crow's feet or wrinkles.

We must replenish our skin's natural moisture by using a moisturizing agent that prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restores the skin's elasticity.

Choose a moisturizer that is appropriate for our skin type to get the best results. If we have oily skin, let's pick something lighter than a product for dry or normal skin. Select a moisturizer that also offers sun protection.


After a hike or a swim, we have that refreshed and invigorated feeling that nature brings, however, our skin will likely have layers of residue and dirt on it. We have to deal with the layers of sun block, insect repellant, trail dirt, sweat and pollution after a trip.

Moisturizing and exfoliating will remove the layers of residue on our face. Most of the grime goes beyond skin deep; it clogs in our pores and mixes with oil and sebum to increase the likelihood of a pimple or blackhead breakouts.

We need to do more than use a toner or cleanser to keep our face looking fresh. Use a granular scrub to remove grime and dead skin to clear out the clogging in our pores for brighter and smoother skin.

Skin Care on the Road

We may be an outdoorsy guy who is laid back and does not care much about how we look; however, it does not mean that we should not care for our skin. Bringing toners, cleansers, moisturizers, sunblock, repellant and other products is not just about looking good, it is also a healthy lifestyle that protects our skin from potential diseases and skin ailments.