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The O Factor: Why Oil Leads to Pimple Formation

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Right now, countless facial wash products focus on removing or prohibiting facial oil. We are guilty of ignoring these features, just as long as the product cleans and refreshes our face. It's also common for us guys to battle with pimples for a long time. An immaculate part of growing up, everybody has experiences in dealing with breakouts and oversized pimples.

Now, pimples aren't so bad for adults. A breakout here and there doesn't affect our lives as a whole. Nonetheless, it becomes a bother when it keeps appearing despite all the efforts to keep it at bay. Genetics may play a role in our pimple problems, but there are daily practices that encourage those pimples to come back.

Cooking Up a Storm

In normal circumstances, oil lubricates and protects someone's face. Don't ever forget the importance of hydration, as it prevents the skin from being flaky, dry and tight. In special circumstances, however, oil is a trigger for pimples. It first manifests inside a pore when activated by an adrenal gland. When it's trapped, caused by cells that block the pore's opening, oil builds up and gives bacteria a place to linger and multiply.

This is where the forms of pimples come from. If it's just on the surface, it's a pustule. A normal pimple is actually skin deep, but deeper than that, then it's a cyst. Furthermore, whiteheads are just oil that break through to the surface. If that oil meets oxygen, the oil becomes black, thus creating blackheads.

Pimples only become dangerous when they don't die down or if they become worse over time. Still, pimples are not something adults want on them. When presenting stuff to people, it may hog the attention of the audience and nullify an otherwise effective demonstration. It may lead strangers to think that a man isn't past his teenage days, affecting their image. These may not sound like much, but they've happened to many of us.

Causes of Oil Overproduction

It's usually something that wouldn't bother most of us men, but it's better in general to have the normal amount of facial oil. It feels lighter and guys would feel less conspicuous if their skin isn't as shiny as the sun. Using "mattifying" skin care products helps to an extent, but these can only stop oil so much before it starts winning again.

Beard - Furry men are attractive nowadays, but that rugged look comes with a myriad of consequences. Foremost are pimples, which will worsen if the person always has bad facial hygiene. Beards contribute to breakouts if they are hiding places of bacteria.

Occupation - Many of us guys work outdoors. While that keeps us active, it also puts us in contact with dirt that ranges from dust and soil to polluted air. Dirt accelerates the growth of pimples, as it clogs the pores. Combined with oil overproduction, then it becomes a major problem.

Cosmetics - It's common for facial care products to be the cause of a breakout. The sometimes-abrasive content doesn't react well with men's faces, leading to irritation and ultimately, pimples. Look for water-based or oil-free logos to ensure that the product won't be a factor in creating pimples.

Food - No one is prescribing a totally healthy diet to avoid pimples. It's enough to avoid eating pizza, fried food, junk food and greasy food too often. They're not a cause, though they do a good job pushing pimples out in big numbers.

As adults, being concerned with our appearance is totally normal. Most guys never bothered about those stuff before, but it's one of the responsibilities that come with growing up. Besides, what's wrong with a healthy amount of self consciousness? Don't worry, keeping the skin clean should be enough to improve a guy's overall hygiene.