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Nifty Money-Saving Tricks for a Cool Summer

by Money Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

The scorching temperature reaching highs of more than 36 degrees Celsius is the definitive sign that summer is truly here. This hot season is a time for vacation, relaxing, cooling down, and spending quality time with the family. But it's also a time when your wallet gets into trouble and most of your best-laid spending plans go out the window.

Enjoying the summer season, however, doesn't mean you have to burn through your wallet. Here, we've compiled a quick list of how you can spend your money wisely while getting your fair share of sunshine.


Rough it Out
If you and your friends or family are the type who regularly books hotel rooms or hits the resorts during summer, try roughing it out this year. Instead of booking expensive accommodations, bring your own gear and set up your own camp.

Camping costs a fraction of what you'll likely spend for a regular vacation. It's also a more fun and unique experience everyone will likely enjoy and cherish. The little ones will get to enjoy the true beauty of Mother Nature, while the adults can be kids again as they relive their favorite childhood vacation moments.

Drive It Like It's Hot
Whether you plan on packing up the family and drive to the beach, or simply sneaking in a long weekend getaway, you can also save money on gas and car expenses.

Driving down the expressway, for example, skip the air-conditioning and just roll down the windows. If you really can't handle the heat, keep your AC setting on the economy.
Stuck in a traffic jam? Shut off your engine from time to time to save on fuel.

Planning to load your car's roof deck with all your gear? You might want to think twice. Putting your luggage on the roof of the car decreases fuel efficiency by as much as five percent.

Go Local
The best part about summer in the Philippines is that you can't run out of things to do. Get in touch with local parks, activity and recreation centers. Browse through magazines, local websites, as well as your Twitter and Facebook feeds. These likely have lists of upcoming local events you can join. The best part? Most of these are free and are easy to get to.

Redefine Movie Night
Instead of the standard (and often expensive) dinner and movie date night, why not try renting or buying DVDs instead? And no, we don't mean the pirated ones.

You can buy original movie DVDs for the price (if not less) of one general admission movie ticket. You can then use the money you saved on making your own snacks. Not only will you catch up on the films you missed, you also have a fun way of making lasting summer memories.

Make Your Own Party Drinks
If your definition of summer includes a cool glass of pina colada or a cold cocktail on hot sunny day, make your own drinks from scratch. Skip the premade mixes, which are often more expensive and full of low-quality liquor and artificial sweeteners.

Go instead with decent liquor and fresh ingredients. Fresh fruits like pineapples, oranges, and watermelon are abundant during summer, which can make for cheap but refreshing drinks.
Celebrate the season of watermelons, halo-halo, and relaxing at the beach with a memorable but budget-friendly summer vacation. Try these money saving tips so you can hit the road and cool down without overextending your budget.