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Men's Style Guide to Wearing Pants

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

In our recent article, we gave you a primer on how you can improve your wardrobe by adding the right types of pants. Assuming that you have denims and chinos right in your sartorial arsenal, we're going to teach you how to wear your trousers the proper way.

While the styles of low-rises and sagging trousers are slowly building a legitimate section in the dominion of dressing up, it's not always wise to go with the trend. We don't know what happened - why some guys keep wearing their trousers below their waistlines.

Don't waste your waist (pun intended). This is the first rule of wearing your pants properly. Below are the other tips that will help you don your pairs without looking "thuggish" or like your grandpa.

Wearing Colored Pants

Many male fashion purists will surely keep you from wearing one of those colored pairs, as they claim that shaded trousers are emasculating. But, you can always break some rules. If you ever decide to wear colored pants, don't attempt to put on the brightly colored ones. They're just too garish to look at. Instead, go for faded and washed out colors. For instance, go for rusty red instead of blood red. Yellow may be sunny and bright, but we don't recommend it.

When wearing colored pants, make sure you pair them with neutral tops. If you don't want your pants to stand out, find a shirt color that will form an interesting contrast against your trousers' color.    

The Right Color Combinations

White shirts will go with almost all types of pants. If you're too afraid to stain that clean Oxford shirt, you can complement your gray pants with brightly colored tops. Gray neutralizes the strength and luminance of strongly colored shirts. For instance, red works with gray and brown. Other combinations that work include blue and cream; beige and denim blue; and navy blue and orange.

The Belt

Belts are an important accessory that give your ensemble a subtle accent. Because it's supposed to be subtle, you need to keep it simple. Veer away from buckles that bear your name's initials. Ditch the Howard Wolowitz belts (the novelty ones). Make sure the color or material of your belt is coordinated with your shoes, especially in occasions that require business or smart casual ensemble.

Cuffing 'Em

Turn-ups emphasize your legs. They are, however, not for everyone. For instance, cuffs make shorter guys look smaller. Taller men, on the other hand, can benefit from cuffing, as they make the ensemble sleeker and classier. As much as possible, don't cuff your suit pants; it will only ruin your ensemble.

The Footwear

Your footwear should correspond to the type of pants you're wearing. Denims are pretty flexible, you can wear them with boat shoes, boots, high-tops, plimsoll shoes and bulky sneakers. Chinos go well with loafers, plimsoll sneakers and boots. If you're wearing suit pants, go for monkstraps, derbys, and brogues.

The art of wearing pants can be a tad complicated, as there are many things to consider. As we always remind you when it comes to choosing pants, always consider fit and comfort. Style will be empty without these two.