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Men's Quick Guide to Pants

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Some men are so fashion-challenged their go-to pants are those baggy ones. Some lads who want to bring their trousers game to the next level, resort to deconstructed denims. There is nothing wrong with these types of pants so long as you're wearing them in the right setting. They are, however, unflattering at times.

We can't blame you for your choice of pants; going through the racks of clothes can be confusing since there are so many types available. As each sort suits a particular occasion and style, it pays to know which pairs should be in your wardrobe.

Here's a brief guide you can refer to if you have problems choosing the right type of pants:

Jeans, denims, blue jeans or whatever you want to call them are an essential in every man's wardrobe. They are comfortable, flexible, and durable, which is why they have endured the forever-changing fashion trends.

Denims are mostly used in casual settings. Regardless of their type (ditch the deconstructed ones, please), you can wear them with every type of shoes (except black leather shoes) and shirts. Heck, you can even wear them to work in case your office has a loose dress code.

Dress Pants
You should make it a point to have at least a pair of suit pants or two. You will never know when you will receive the next wedding invitation. If you're in a corporate environment, update your ensemble by adding at least a new pair every year.

For slimmer guys, go for flat front pants, as they emphasize the shape of the area below your torso. Pleated pants are fine, but they can make you look old and bulky.  It's easy to pair dress pants with shoes. The ideal pairs include brogues and monk straps.

For a more relaxed look without sacrificing that sartorial appeal, wear a pair of khakis. They can be worn almost anywhere, even in the office. They're your best pants if you want to don a business casual or smart casual ensemble. More importantly, these pants are light and comfortable. Khakis are usually available in neutral colors, such as beige and black.

Many men usually confuse chinos with khakis or the other way around since they are pretty much the same in some areas. Chino pants, however, are dressier than khakis. Their streamlined design makes them more suitable for semi-formal occasions than khakis. While khakis are pure cotton, chinos can be blended with some sort of elastic synthetic fabric. They are available in different colors, unlike khakis, which only come in neutral shades. 

Corduroys are trousers that have vertical ribs. They are usually thick and heavy. Corduroy pants are more to the casual side, which makes them ideal for house parties, walk in the park and heavy and dirty work. They look good with plimsoll sneakers and boots.

Become a man of sophistication by wearing the right type pants.  When shopping, don't forget the two most important factors: comfort and fit.