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Married and Loving it: Surprising Your Wife through the Years

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Before marriage, we had a high stockpile of creative ideas, from love letters to expensive chocolates, to woo the woman we passionately care about. But as we get too comfortable with each other and even get tired at some point, we forget how this beautiful relationship came to be. More often than not, it happens. 

Bringing back the magic is possible, and we need to initiate it, just like how we made the first move when we were pursuing the girl of our dreams. Surprise her by doing it again. Be romantic.


This idea may be unoriginal and uninspired, but it can spark that excitement she felt when we asked her out on a date for the first time. When she asks us what we're doing it for, simply explain that we want to make her feel special. Tell her that it is one way to show that you still love her. If you are not that expressive with your feelings, tell her that the flowers are for her to look at, something that will make her smile. Too tasteless for you? That's what it's like to be young and in love... again. 

Hallmark Cards 2.0

If you want to bring your being romantic to a higher level, use some courting skills you learned in high school: leave her handwritten messages. Write compliments and romantic quotes on small pieces of paper and leave them all over the house. This will surely put a smile on her face, especially if most of the exchanges, other than face-to-face interaction, come in the form of text or social media messages. If you want to up the effort, write a long love letter.

It's a Date!

Who says dates are for single people only? We should ask our girl out every once in a while; weekly, if possible. Take her to a favorite restaurant or to the places that mean a lot to her. Cook her some dinner and make your dining room fancy. The kids can stay at their grandparents' for the meantime.

HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking)

The simplest things can create the biggest impacts; holding hands, for instance. Squeeze your wife's hand gently while walking down the street. This gesture may be artless, but it conveys a lot of messages. Every time you hold your wife's hand, you are telling her that you need her. It's also a way of reassuring her that you are entirely hers.

When it comes to being intimate, do not hold back. Other than healthy sexual activities, there are also some ways to show intimacy. Give her a full-body massage. Kiss often. Hug often. Cuddle often.

Hold the door for her. Volunteer to do the laundry over the week. It all boils down to being a gentleman, something that she had admired when you were courting her.

We can surprise the wife by doing these sweet little things over again (without stopping). It will always be worth it.