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The Man's Scent Guide to Preparing for a Night Out

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

So we've wooed the girl of our dreams and secured a date with her. Good job! We're all prepped up for that evening night out with her; it's going to be the most romantic thing she'll ever experience and it's going to have everything from long walks in the park to dinner in a fancy restaurant.

So it's great that we have everything planned out, but before you step out of the house, have you had a whiff of yourself? No, we're not saying you smell, we're saying do you smell good for the date?


The fragrance we carry on the date is arguably the last thing we think of for that romantic night out, but it plays a big role in truly making the date a night to remember. A killer smile, awesome hair, and great fashion sense means nothing if you don't smell attractive to her after all.

The Best Scent for a Date: Finding the Right Tones

Our natural pheromones are amazing, and women love it. There's a study out there that says the smell of a man is an aphrodisiac for women, so if we want the night out with our girl to be a truly romantic one, it's important that we find that right fragrance.

Of course, this is easier said than done. The thing is, every girl has her own unique preference, so overly specific scents may not exactly be the best bet.

Generally, the 'sexiest' smelling scents come from the oriental family of fragrances. These are characterized by a couple of familiar tones, such as wood and vanilla. These scents bring out your masculinity and connote confidence and dominance, traits you really want to bring with you when you meet your woman. Your date will be invariably attracted to your scent if you carry these fragrances with you. Trust us. These tend to have a more neutral tone when you compare them to citrus-based fragrances, which can be a hit or miss in the smell-o-meter.

Perfumes vs Body Spray

We won't downplay; some of the perfumes out there are specifically designed to bring out the masculine smell we're naturally carrying. These tend to be a bit on the pricier side, but it doesn't mean the alternative is bad.

In fact, your standard male-centric body spray is more than appropriate for a night out with a special girl. Some of the better body sprays are similar in fragrance and strength with many of the top perfumes. The best thing? You can save a ton of money with these.

The great thing about these is that you can use it beyond just wooing your girl for another date. Considering how hot the temperatures still are; it's always smart to keep a can of body spray handy for when our smell starts going on the stinky side, especially when your spiffy blazer is trapping all that heat underneath.

Best Scent Practices

So you've found the right scent that your girl's going to go crazy for; it doesn't mean you should overdo it, though! Too much of a good smell is just overbearing, so don't create an entire storm cloud of your body spray of perfume whenever you two go out. She'll flatly say that it's too much, and you don't want to ruin the date right then and there.

Beyond scent control, there's also a few things we need to remember to make sure we smell good whether we're going on a date or not.

We should never, ever cheat when we take a bath or shower. The fragrance we wear means nothing if our body smells bad caused we skipped out on a few scrubs and lathering during a shower. Make sure to get to all those nooks and crannies and the embarrassing parts where we tend to sweat and smell the most. Showering basically gives your body a clean slate on which you can spray your fragrance on.

Water is our best friend. Sodas and alcoholic beverages are nice every now and then, but we should never skip out on our daily recommended glasses of water. Drinking more water before the start of the date means less sugar in our sweat, and this means less smelly scents in the long run.

Wear the appropriate clothes. Just because we're taking her out on a fancy dinner date doesn't mean that we should be suiting up or wearing heat-hungry clothes. Dress smart, and more importantly, cool. Skip out on the suits, coats, and jackets and stick to linen or cotton shirts, shorts and jeans. 

Have this guide handy the next time you're going on a night out with that special girl of yours. Always remember that the scent and fragrance you carry matters the most; it can make your date awkward or take it to the next level.