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For the Man on the Go: Ways to Nourish Your Scalp

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Being a man on the go has many consequences, especially if you're a regular in the urban playground or you maintain a hyperactive lifestyle. Stress and pollution are your fiercest enemies, given that these can affect you in many different ways. A dry scalp is one of the many results of your exposure to these elements.

A dry scalp may lead to different consequences like dandruff. Your scalp may become itchy, and the volume of your hair will be affected too. Ultimately, these concerns may take a toll on your self-esteem. Given that you frequent or live in the city and you are a weekend warrior, it's important that you take care of your scalp. The first thing you need to do? Nourish it.

With many available solutions in the market, taking care of your scalp should not be hard work.

Condition it

A dry scalp is often a result of the lack of oil, which provides the scalp's needed moisture. To rejuvenate the circulation of oil on your scalp, go for deep treatments. Shampooing isn't always enough, so complement your hair care regimen with a suitable conditioning treatment.

You can just buy a conditioner from the supermarket. Your conditioner should contain oils that effectively moisturize scalp, such as jojoba oil. You may also go for variants that contain antioxidants and glycerin if you want a more holistic approach to scalp care. There are also lotions that you can use in massaging your hair. Better yet, visit the barber or a hair salon to have your scalp conditioned.  

Massage Your Scalp

When shampooing and conditioning, do not just rub your scalp and hair to produce lather. Instead, give your scalp a massage. A massage helps improve the circulation of what lies beneath your scalp. Massage your scalp with your fingers in a circular motion after applying shampoo or conditioner. You can also massage it gently even at your office desk or while you're watching TV.

Change Your Shampoo

A dry scalp is often caused by a shampoo with harsh components. Instead of going for products that have an all-in-one formula, choose shampoos that suit the condition of your scalp. Choose a shampoo that hydrates or moisturizes scalp. Stay away from shampoos that promise to strengthen your hair or increase its bulk. Normally, these products contain harsh elements, which may strip your scalp of natural oil. If you're already suffering from dandruff, go for formulas that contain menthol.

Maintaining the health of your scalp should be on your list of priorities when it comes to hair care. Apart from following these pieces of advice, consult a dermatologist, especially if your case persists despite your efforts.